Exclusive: Robert Pattinson’s Batman Is Getting A Superman

Robert Pattinson is going to have a big future as Batman, one that includes his own Superman. Here's what we've exclusively learned so far.

By Faith McKay | Published

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How far does DC plan to go with developing a cinematic universe for Robert Pattinson’s Batman? Will it be a one-off experience, like Joker, or should we plan on seeing him in the cape for years to come? DC has multiple projects creating different universes for their characters. The Batman will be taking place on Earth-Two. This means a fresh start for their characters, with room for bringing in new faces. Does DC plan to grow this cinematic universe into one with other heroes? Thanks to some new information from one of our trusted and proven sources, we’re getting a much better look at DC’s intentions.

Our source says that they want Robert Pattinson’s universe to have his own Superman. This wouldn’t be surprising news, considering how often we’ve seen Batman and Superman face each other. However, in the wider scape of observing DC’s decisions lately, it is more surprising and interesting than it would be otherwise. This suggests that they’re already looking at growing out Pattinson’s universe, which may surprise some people. DC has given us a fair number of solo projects, like Joker, that take place in their own space. Many may have assumed that The Batman plans to be its own entity, especially since they don’t have the box office numbers telling them that this movie will be successful yet. However, it makes sense that at a time when they’re planning on leaving Zack Snyder’s DC universe behind, they’re looking at further growing Robert Pattinson’s.

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Our source didn’t share when Robert Pattinson’s Batman will meet up with Superman, or whether this will be as a team up or a battle, like we saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If Superman will first be appearing in a Pattinson Batman movie, it would likely be better to have them team up. The team behind The Batman has said that we’re going to be watching an origins story in this first one. We’ll be seeing not only the origins for Batman, but for the other characters as well. So, we’ll be seeing Zoe Kravitz become Catwoman and Paul Dano become Riddler. In the follow-up movies, we’ll be seeing multiple Batman villains leveling up their skills. It would make sense to bring in Superman to help Batman face them all.

Of course, the next question is: who will play Superman to Robert Pattinson’s Batman? It won’t be Henry Cavill. That Superman lives in the same universe as Ben Affleck’s Batman.


Currently, Ta-Nehisi Coates is penning a script for a new Superman movie. According to sources for The Hollywood Reporter, his character is Clark Kent. Unless DC is moving away from the material in the comics, it doesn’t look like this new Superman will be the one that exists in Robert Pattinson’s DC universe. Why? Because Robert Pattinson’s Batman lives on EarthTwo. In the comic books, Earth-Two’s Clark Kent died and a new Superman, named Val-Zod, eventually rose up and took on the mantle. If the script by Ta-Nehisi Coates stays the same, and he is writing Clark Kent as Superman, then his Superman probably exists in his own universe, like we saw for the movie Joker.

Of course, DC often does move away from the comic’s source material, so they may decide to change that altogether, but at the moment, there is nothing to indicate that the new Superman project from Ta-Nehisi Coates will have anything to do with Robert Pattinson’s Earth-Two.

So this means the introduction of a brand new Superman is most likely for Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Yes, one more Superman is joining the mix. They’re going to have a difficult time making sure that he stands as unique among the other Supermans we’re seeing on screen, but the behind-the-scenes interviews we’ve seen so far from director Matt Reeves and the rest of the team do sound like they’re dedicated to making unique versions of their characters. Hopefully, they’ll be able to do that well with their new Superman.