Exclusive: Dwayne Johnson Wants Robert Pattinson In Hobbs & Shaw Franchise

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

dwayne johnson hobbs and shaw

Dwayne Johnson is a huge star with big plans and he isn’t afraid to let them be known. He’s been vocal about his intentions to avoid ever working with Vin Diesel on Fast & Furious again but promised that he will return for Hobbs & Shaw 2. Naturally, the actor formerly known as The Rock has ideas about what he wants to see happen when he gets his chance to return to the series. Thanks to some work from a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot, we have exclusively learned that Dwayne Johnson wants Robert Pattinson to join the Hobbs & Shaw franchise.

While we learned that Dwayne Johnson wants Robert Pattinson to join Hobbs & Shaw, we are unaware of whether The Rock has spoken to Pattinson about these plans. Will Robert Pattinson like the idea of joining Hobbs & Shaw? We can’t predict what he’ll do and our source was unable to confirm what Pattinson knows of The Rock’s designs at this point.

Dwayne Johnson is at a high point in his career. He gets to be very choosy about his roles and who he works with. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is at an interesting point where it’s hard to guess what he’ll decide to do next. He first became a major figure for the Twilight franchise, which he famously hated. Following that financial success, he starred in many indie films, proving himself as an actor. He then started working on bigger budget projects, like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

A lot of fans had doubts when Pattinson was announced for The Batman based on his very famous Twilight past. Those movies were often berated and had a wide reputation that reflected on Pattinson’s work in a way that he didn’t appear to like. However, the trailers for The Batman have shown his Bruce Wayne to be gritty, serious, and ready for violence. (This is similar to what Dwayne Johnson has promised for Black Adam.) Fans have since become excited to see whether The Batman will live up to the hype. It would make sense if after the very public spotlight Robert Pattinson faced in a franchise that he hated, he has become very choosy about his next projects. Will Hobbs & Shaw be something he’s ready for?

Robert Pattinson

One interesting question is how Robert Pattinson got on Dwayne Johnson’s radar. It’s possible that this could have happened in many different ways. Perhaps The Rock recently saw one of Pattinson’s movies and decided he seems like the right fit. Most likely, the idea came to Dwayne Johnson because the two actors are both set to star in their own DC movies in 2022. Both Black Adam and The Batman have made the top of lists of 2022 releases most anticipated by fans. Despite both of them appearing in DC films, Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam are unlikely to ever appear on screen together. The Batman is taking place in its very own DC universe. With Pattinson rising as a star, Johnson may have decided that joining a different franchise together was a great next step.

At this point, Hobbs & Shawn is likely still a ways off. Dwayne Johnson has many projects in the fire. He’s currently lining up Red Notice sequels for Netflix, is working on Red One, and is regularly dropping in surprise projects he’s put together secretly on the side. Still, he seems to always be discussing multiple projects at once, so it’s not surprising he’s trying to line things up just right for Hobbs & Shaw. It will be interesting to see how Robert Pattinson reacts.