Exclusive: Dredd 2 With Karl Urban Back In Development

Dredd 2 is moving forward with Karl Urban cast in the titular role.

By James Brizuela | Updated

dredd 2 karl urban

There have been rumors that the Judge Dredd franchise was set to continue, as a new series was being discussed called Judge Dredd: Mega-City One. However, there had been no mention of who was going to be cast in the titular role, also leaving behind the idea that a sequel to the hit Dredd movie was also not going to happen. Now, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Dredd 2 is moving forward with Karl Urban.

It is not often that a reboot is seen as a better version than the original movie, but that is not the case for Dredd (2012). Urban came into the role of Judge Dredd in a big way, making a lot of people forget about the Sylvester Stallone-led 1990s movie. That’s not to say that Stallone was terrible in that role, but Dredd 2 moving forward with Karl Urban is far more exciting to think about.

Dredd 2 bringing back Karl Urban is also exciting, as the man had been campaigning to return to the role recently. During the GQ videos on YouTube where stars break down their most iconic roles, Urban had stated he had hoped he was going to be called about being Judge Dredd again, but would also be happy just seeing the franchise move forward. This also does beg the question about Urban’s role in future Judge Dredd projects, like the previously mentioned Mega-City One series.

dredd 2 karl urban

Dredd 2 securing Karl Urban could mean that is meant to portray Judge Dredd in the expanded universe that seems to be getting put together. Urban has been fantastic as Billy Butcher in The Boys for Amazon Studios, so the powers that be would know he can carry a show without issues. This Dredd 2 sequel could lead to Urban taking on the role for the series as well, which would also be fantastic news.

Urban was so good in the role of Judge Dredd that he did not even need to remove his helmet to showcase his acting prowess. The grimace on his face and his attitude and mannerisms were enough to sell the audience on his being perfectly cast in the role. Dredd 2 should be more of the same acting skill and action, and we would hope for even more craziness in the form of exploding ammunition and chaos.

Dredd 2 could also bring in Judge Death as Karl Urban’s biggest foe, which is someone that Urban also brought up as the potential villain in either the series or sequel movie. Fans around the world would also love to see Judge Death come into the picture, as would we. Urban knows his stuff when it comes to the source material, further proving he is the right man to play Judge Dredd for the foreseeable future.

Dredd 2 with Karl Urban currently has no timetable for release, though the sequel movie is not moving forward. We would imagine that he is busy with The Boys Season 4 but could be free next year, meaning that this Dredd sequel will make its way to theaters in 2024 or 2025.