Exclusive: Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice Revealed

Chris Pratt recently told the world that he had something special planned for the Mario voice, and now we report what the man is going to sound like.

By James Brizuela | Updated

chris pratt

Everyone was quite upset when it had been revealed that Chris Pratt would be lending his voice to the iconic video game character, Mario. The anger was mostly aimed at the studio for not doing right by longtime Mario voice artist, Charles Martinet, who is oddly still in the film in some capacity. Pratt also confirmed that the voice would be something “unlike anything heard in the Mario world before.” Well, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Chris Pratt will give Mario a Brooklyn-styled voice.

We are not entirely sure how Mario is going to sound with a Brooklyn accent, and why Chris Pratt is going with that voice option, but that is certainly something the world has not yet seen in the Mario world. He was certainly right about that. We do have some inside knowledge about the film’s plot as well. This Brooklyn-accent Mario is going to be teaming up with Donkey Kong, as they both attempt to rescue Princess Peach. We would assume that means from the clutches of Bowser, but the funny thing is that Donkey Kong usually held the Princess captive too. It would be quite hilarious to see Donkey Kong get the Princess stolen from him, thus leading to a team-up with Mario.

Mario has always had an animated Italian accent of sorts. Sure, that could be seen as problematic these days, but he is a cartoon character. The whole idea behind the character is that the man is an Italian plumber, and though it could be seen as a stereotypical way of speaking, mostly everyone was ok with how he sounded. However, Chris Pratt giving Mario a Brooklyn-styled might not be the best course of action in this film. Even more, is how Pratt even sounds doing that accent in general. Pratt has not been in many films or shows where he must provide any kind of accent, so we are curious about how he going to sound. We hope it’s not terrible.

The Mario film does have a ton of great actors attached. Seth Rogen (Donkey Kong), Charlie Day (Luigi), Jack Black (Bowser), Anya Taylor-Joy (Princess Peach), and Keegan Michael-Key (Toad). All these actors have unique voices themselves, so maybe that will overshadow Chris Pratt adding a Brooklyn accent to Mario’s voice. We don’t want to judge a movie before it has even come out. Rather, we will withhold judgment until the trailer comes out, but this might be a recipe for disaster. We are also not entirely sure why Charles Martinet has been cast in the movie if he is not serving as the voice for Mario or Luigi.

The Untitled Super Mario Project, as it has been dubbed, will not be released until April 7, 2023. This could mean that it will take a few more months until we see the trailer. Hopefully, the first trailer will at least give us an idea of the Chris Pratt Mario voice. We know that it will be a Brooklyn accent, but how ridiculous it sounds will have to be a surprise for us all. It could sound great for all we know. Now, we must all play the waiting game.