See The First Look At Elizabeth Hurley’s Terrifying Supernatural Horror Film

By Chad Langen | Updated

VMI Worldwide has dropped the first trailer for Piper, an upcoming supernatural thriller headlined by Elizabeth Hurley. Acquired by 101 Films after this year’s Cannes film market, the movie is poised for its global debut at FrightFest 2023 on August 27, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film will get a general release in the United Kingdom on October 16.

In Piper, Liz (Elizabeth Hurley) and her daughter Amy (Mia Jenkins) relocate to a peaceful German town, only to face a local girl’s mysterious death and a string of chilling events. These occurrences are connected to a sinister secret from Liz’s past, awakening the malevolent Piper who threatens Amy due to the sins of her parents. Amy’s encounter with the mysterious Luca might hold the key to her salvation from the Piper.

Piper, starring Elizabeth Hurley, premieres August 27 at FrightFest, but there’s no information on a release in the United States.

Along with Elizabeth Hurley and Mia Jenkins, the cast of Piper is comprised of Jack Stewart (Float), Ryan Webber (The Funhouse Massacre), Robert Daws (The Man Who Fell to Earth), Ieva Aleksandrova-Eklone (Out), Arben Bajraktaraj (Taken), Alma Riz (Dumar), Gundars Abolins (What Silent Gerda Knows), Jurijs Djakonovs (Crime Solving for Beginners) and Elizabete Liepa (Christmas in the Jungle).

Evija Koltone and Dominik Gabriel Roseti join the cast as newcomers. Anthony Waller (The Guilty) directed the film from a script he co-wrote with Duncan Kennedy (Deep Blue Sea).

Elizabeth Hurley in Piper

Piper may seem like a notable shift from Elizabeth Hurley’s past projects, but this isn’t her first foray into horror. In 1994, she took on a role in the low-budget horror movie Beyond Bedlam (also known as Nightscare), an early and relatively obscure work in her career. This film often goes unnoticed or remains unfamiliar to many.

Elizabeth Hurley is now known for her dramas and romantic comedies, but she’s no stranger to the horror genre.

Elizabeth Hurley assumes the role of Dr. Stephanie Lyell in Beyond Bedlam, a neurologist conducting trials of a supposedly harmless mind-altering drug on Marc Gilmour, a notorious serial killer. As strange suicides unfold within Stephanie’s apartment complex, Detective Terry Hamilton establishes a link between these deaths and the sinister impacts of the drug on Gilmour.

It’s only when both Stephanie and Terry find themselves ensnared in Gilmour’s nightmarish realm, plagued by terrifying dreams and hallucinations, that they grasp the grim truth – escape is an impossible feat.

After Beyond Bedlam, Elizabeth Hurley appeared in a string of lighter-toned projects, but she returned to the horror genre in 2002’s Method. In the film, directed by Duncan Roy, she plays the significant role of Rebecca, a renowned actress selected to portray the actual 19th-century serial killer Belle Gunness in a film. Yet, as Rebecca delves into the role, she gradually adopts the character’s traits, blurring the lines between her on-screen and off-screen personas.

Elizabeth Hurley may not be starring in massive Hollywood blockbusters, but she’s keeping plenty busy with independent films and running her own fashion company.

Fans who have enjoyed Elizabeth Hurley’s past ventures into the horror genre can look forward to a gratifying addition to her body of work with Piper. Despite the passage of time since her last genre endeavor, the trailer for Piper demonstrates her enduring capability to lead a horror movie effectively. Scheduled for an October 16 theatrical release, the film perfectly aligns with the Halloween season.