Dwayne Johnson Looks Inhuman In His Leg Day Workout Video

It's leg day for Dwayne Johnson!

By Tyler Pisapia | Updated

dwayne johnson

It doesn’t take a fitness guru to take a look at Dwayne Johnson and realize that he is a man that wouldn’t dare skip leg day. However, if you need proof, he’s got it for you.

The Red Notice actor took to Instagram earlier this week to share a brief 33 second clip of himself doing weighted squats at his massive Iron Paradise home gym. Dwayne Johnson’s short-shorts leave little to the imagination as his massive thigh muscles and calves are doing about as much work as they possibly can on the killer workout. You can see the video below.

Dwayne Johnson explains in the video’s caption that he is doing a reloaded power squat 4×25. He suggests that his followers raise the foot platform to “target certain areas of the quads and glutes.” He then gave a motivational line to his fitness-minded followers, telling them to really dial it up on their own leg day workouts, stating that Leg Day separates the “men from the boys.”

As he finishes the last of a 100 rep set, Dwayne Johnson is listening to his own rap song. The star made his rap debut recently by way of a verse in the Tech N9ne’s song “Face Off.” In his caption, he notes that it’s a bad ass song to train legs to. 

While Dwayne Johnson has never been shy about making sure his body is constantly in peak (if not overly ripped) condition, the star has more motivation than ever to make sure he’s muscular and camera-ready at all times. Not only is he fresh off the massively popular and expensive Netflix movie Red Notice where he stars alongside fellow beacons of attractiveness Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, but he’s also got Black Adam in the can. If the movie is a hit as it is surely destined to be, who knows when the minds behind the DC Extended Universe may call on him to join one of his fellow superhero cohorts in a crossover

In fact, thanks to Red Notice, that day might come sooner rather than later. Speaking to People, Dwayne Johnson and his other two co-stars said that, since they all have existing superhero franchises, they’d love to see a crossover happen at some point. While Black Adam and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam exist in the same Universe, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is a Marvel character. While those two worlds never really collide, specifically in film and TV, the group seems confident that their combined star power could make it happen. 

dwayne johnson black adam

Then again, it’s possible that Dwayne Johnson already has his sights set on a franchise that may even, somehow, be bigger than both Marvel and DC. Now that Daniel Craig has taken his final bow as James Bond with the conclusion of No Time To Die, the actor spoke with Esquire where he threw his very American hat into the ring to be Britain’s greatest spy. 

Dwayne Johnson noted that his grandfather, Peter Maivia, played a henchman opposite Sean Connery’s 1967 Bond movie You Only Live Twice. The star told the outlet that he would love to carry on that legacy, but stated that he would not settle for merely being a very sizeable henchman. He’s got his sights set on the man himself. While Dwayne Johnson certainly has the charisma of a James Bond character, the fact of the matter is that absolutely no one will stand for an American 007.