See Dwayne Johnson Make His Rap Music Debut

See Dwayne Johnson make his rap music debut in this latest video. The superstar has tackled a lot of genres and his latest is rap music

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Dwayne Johnson has shown that, when it comes to entertainment, he is basically at the top of whatever game he enters. Wrestling ring? No problem. He dominated that sport for some time. Acting? Sure. He has been in some of the biggest franchises out there with even more on the way. Music? You bet, the dude starred in a musical. Rap music? Well, he might get there as well. Dwayne Johnson just made his rap debut this week when he was featured on a major release that the actor is calling “historic”. The track dropped and it is a collaboration with some of the biggest names out there. 

In this latest track, Dwayne Johnson is featured in the song “Face Off” by Tech N9ne. And Johnson isn’t the only one. There is also Joey Cool and King Iso jumping in as well. It’s a fast-paced and definitely NSFW track (from a language perspective) that definitely shows Johnson has some skills in this area. Johnson had first teased the song through his Twitter account late in the week with the full track releasing on Saturday. You can see the whole thing below but stick around until the end when Dwayne Johnson drops in. 

It sure seems like Dwayne Johnson holds his own here. Is it up to the speed and ferocity we hear from Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, or King Iso? Of course not, but that should be somewhat expected. After all, it isn’t like this is Johnson’s true medium. He is there to lend significant star power to the track as one of Hollywood’s true A-listers and a guy who’s shown in the past that he is also one of the great collaborators out there. Johnson has immense talent (to go with the physique) but he’s also been able to compound the fame by being a guy it seems literally everyone wants to work with. That, in and of itself, is a skill. And Johnson has it. 

Dwayne Johnson had spoken with Variety saying this wasn’t the first time he’d been asked to appear on a rap album though had declined because it didn’t necessarily “feel right”. And though the video starts off with a put-on “conversation” between Tech N9ne and Dwayne Johnson it does seem like that is somewhat how things started with Johnson saying the former texted him about the opportunity. The idea at first was to just have Johnson there as a celebrity face, but The Rock convinced him to be part of the lyrical piece as well. In the end, it sure seems like it worked out. 

This isn’t his first musical foray of course. Dwayne Johnson handled some of that during his filming of Moana. His character of Maui does have songs in that film, most famously “You’re Welcome”. That song reached Platinum status on the charts and holds up. 

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In the future though, Dwayne Johnson has his wagon hitched to the acting career. He is coming off a hit in Jungle Cruise which will get a sequel. And he has Red Notice with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot coming out next month. But the big hit will be next summer when he makes his superhero debut in DC’s Black Adam