See First Footage Of Dwayne Johnson As Black Adam

Check out the exciting new footage of Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam.

By Faith McKay | Updated

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DC FanDome 2021 is coming. The event is going to be hard to miss. This year, they’ll be promoting The Flash, The Batman, and finally for Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam. The Rock has been wanting to see his DC debut happen for way too long now and his fans are excited to see him achieve this milestone. Now, DC is sharing flashes from the movie in their latest trailer to promote the event.

See Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam below.

In the first ten seconds of the trailer, Dwayne Johnson promises that the DC Universe is about to change. He means it. The star updates his Instagram account constantly about every project he’s working on, including those for his tequila and energy drink companies. When he updates about Black Adam, he has been ending most of those updates with a promise that the DC Universe is about to change, or that the hierarchy of the DC Universe is about to change, implying that Black Adam will be on top. This matches the enthusiasm the star has for beginning his DC journey. We also see a very brief flash of Johnson’s face in character. You can see that right here:

dwayne johnson black adam

The DC FanDome video shows pieces of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, mixed in with updates not only from their big-screen movies, but their HBO Max series Peacemaker starring John Cena, Doom Patrol (also on HBO Max), Sashe Calle as Supergirl for The Flash, and flashes from a few of their series on The CW. While these stories may not all be connected, they are all connected by the DC comics, and fans are excited to see what else might be revealed when the event happens. The trailer ends promising that the event will premiere a new trailer for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, which releases a few months before Black Adam in early 2022.

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The image of Black Adam on his throne in the DC FanDome trailer does promise a shift in the hierarchy. So far, the cast for the movie includes Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone. While DC has been sharing these brief looks at Dwayne Johnson in costume, we haven’t gotten much of a look at his new co-stars yet. The closest we have is a behind-the-scenes leak that revealed Hawkman’s helmet. That leak also revealed a better look at Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero costume.

Hopefully, the DC event will reveal more for the new characters. While they’re still working on putting the final film together, they have finished filming their scenes for the movie already, which means the footage exists. Black Adam doesn’t release in theaters until July 29, 2022, but DC FanDome is one of their biggest events. There’s no telling how much they might share with Dwayne Johnson fans during the event. They are mentioning his movie right at the start of this trailer though, which promises at least a few more reveals are on the way.

DC FanDome 2021 will begin on October 16. You can expect Giant Freakin Robot to report all the big reveals as soon as they happen.