Dwayne Johnson Is Taking Over The Snyderverse

Dwayne Johnson has a vision for the future of the Snyderverse.

By Hayden Mears | Published

dwayne johnson

Geekosity brings word that Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson is taking command of director Zack Snyder’s fan-dubbed “Snyderverse.” According to the site’s founder and editor, Mikey Sutton, Johnson is fighting for Henry Cavill’s Superman to cameo in the upcoming Black Adam. More specifically, he wants the character to appear as a post-credits tease that effectively sets up the events of a Man of Steel sequel. From there, he wants Cavill to appear in a potential Black Adam 2. This would make Snyder’s version of these characters canon, signaling the continuation of the Snyderverse and generating a new wave of vindication for his many stalwarts. But keep in mind that this is merely a rumor right now. Little more.

Every related report we’ve published has hinged on the hope that Warner Bros. is still considering Zack Snyder’s DC Universe at all. Recent word indicates that they are not, and that the Snyderverse is officially dead. Heck, even Snyder himself has said it’s unlikely. But other scoops name Dwayne Johnson as the guy who is destined to save the Snyderverse.

Regardless of what is actually happening behind the scenes, though, one thing has been consistent for weeks now: Dwayne Johnson wants Zack Snyder to continue making DC movies, and he wants to be a big part of their continued success. Things are still all over the place, and a clear course to quality still evades the higher-ups at DC and Warner Bros., but at least there is some connective tissue here. Not much, but hey, we will take what we can get at this point. As a not-so-cohesive whole, the DC Extended Universe has largely been a mess. There’s no logical structure to the goings-on and the character are not given the love or care they need in order for them to resonate with audiences.


But despite the fact that Dwayne Johnson and several other stars seem to be campaigning hard for Warner Bros. and DC to revive the Snyderverse, there are a number of things working against them. And they are not exactly small issues. For one, Zack Snyder’s Justice League could not seem to keep viewers interested. According to various sources, only 36% of viewers made it through the film’s exhausting 4-hour runtime, complicating previous data that seem to indicate that the long-awaited Snyder Cut was a smashing success for HBO Max. Ouch.

For another, DC has confirmed that no matter how much Dwayne Johnson wants it to be, the Snyder Cut is not canon. So, if the studio went back on that, then it would throw things even further into chaos. We already have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. We do not need any more confusion.

If you are eager to see more of Zack Snyder’s DC Universe, you do not have to look hard: his Justice League is now streaming exclusively on HBO Max. Have you seen it yet? And do you plan on checking out Dwayne Johnson as a DC villain when Black Adam hits theaters next July?