Dwayne Johnson Receiving Huge Honor For His Work In Hollywood

Dwayne Johnson is set to receive a major honor very soon. It's a testament to his incredibly popular work in Hollywood over the years.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

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dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson has won many accolades in his time, but on Dec. 7 he will get one that will surely be near and dear to his heart. He’ll be crowned the People’s Champion at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. Deadline reports that NBC and E! have said that they’ll offer Dwayne Johnson the special accolade after his decades-long career has solidified his place in not only the hearts of his fans but in the history of Hollywood as well. 

The actor, formerly known as The Rock, won many bouts in the ring before pivoting over to acting full time in the early 2000s. Since then, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment has become the most electrifying man in, well, regular entertainment. Not only does Dwayne Johnson act, but he recently kicked off a surprisingly successful music career by way of a collaboration on Tech N9ne’s Face Off (feat. Joey Cool and Kind Iso as well). But there’s more to the Rock than just his multi-hyphenates. 

Since bursting onto the scene with early guest roles on TV and the ill-fated Mummy and Scorpion King franchises, he’s ridden his natural charm, charisma, and absolutely rockin’ body to heights previously unimaginable to other actors who came before him. Add onto that the fact that the man simply cannot stop cranking out hits. He’s currently got his NBC sitcom Young Rock running in the background of major motion picture projects like Red Notice which is set to break records on Netflix. Plus, he has an upcoming entry into the DC Extended Universe with Black Adam and is currently collecting awards nominations for hits like Jungle Cruise and more. Thanks to all his hard work and box office success, Dwayne Johnson was previously named by Forbes as the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

dwayne johnson
dwayne johnson

However improbable his rise to the top may have been, there’s no denying that Dwayne Johnson has worked hard for what can only be described as a meteoric climb to immense fame, fortune and — above all love from his cavalcade of fans. 

There’s a reason that Vin Diesel seemingly came crawling back to Dwayne Johnson to help him close out the Fast and the Furious franchise. For those unfamiliar, the actor joined the world of the Fast and the Furious in Fast 5 as federal agent Lucas Hobbs. He appeared in the following three movies before a fallout with Vin Diesel made it so that he didn’t appear in F9. However, Johnson did spin his character off in the film Hobbs & Shaw. Recently, though, Vin Diesel extended a public olive branch on Instagram in which he invited Dwayne Johnson to close out the franchise with him in the tenth movie. Diesel even went as far as to call it his “destiny” and, you know what, maybe he’s right. 

Like everything Dwayne Johnson attaches his name to, The Fast and the Furious franchise are people-pleasers, and his entire career is nothing if not pleasing to the people. That’s why he’ll be named their champion next month.  
In addition to the special accolade, Dwayne Johnson is also nominated for three People’s Choice Awards this year including Male Movie Star of 2021 for Jungle Cruise, Male TV Star of 2021 for Young Rock as well as Social Star of 2021.