Dwayne Johnson Is Finally Working On A Long-Anticipated Sequel After Red One

Dwayne Johnson is working on yet another sequel for one of his major franchises. This guy has so much in the pipeline it's staggering. But this movie is something we've been waiting for.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dwayne Johnson is the king of the franchise, able to take on projects and then basically make sure with the sheer enormity of his talent (and frame) that we will get more movies in the story before it’s all said and done. That’s just the state of his fame these days. Once he’s signed on for a project it’s a near-certainty that it won’t be just a one-off. Such is the case with one of his bigger ensemble projects that looks like it will get yet another addition to the franchise. From ComicBook.com (via CinemaBlend), it appears we are going to get a Jumanji 4 and that plans for Dwayne Johnson and company to return to this story are already in the works. 

Hiram Garcia, who worked as a producer on Jumanji: The Next Level broke down some of the plans for Jumanji 4 and what fans could expect for this movie, the third involving the rebooted cast. He said, “We’ve got a big vision for [the next Jumanji] movie. So we’re fired up for that…But sometime after Red One comes out, Jumanji is going to be on deck. I feel like we’ll have everything ready by then and we’ll be able to get into that third installment.” While short on a specific timeline for the Dwayne Johnson crew, it does give a pretty positive vibe that this movie is definitely in the works, something that didn’t seem assured over the course of the last year. 

Garcia references another movie, Red One, announced this past summer, which is also starring Dwayne Johnson. It’s set to be an action Christmas movie with The Rock in the lead. Garcia is also a producer on that movie. While the timeline on filming isn’t quite set, it sure seems like the plan is for Red One to release during the next holiday season. If Garcia’s timeline is accurate, that would put Jumanji 4 likely around the summer of 2023. It’s an exciting prospect, but will still be quite some time before we get the next installment. 

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Jumanji 4 would be the fourth overall movie in the franchise but just the third with Dwayne Johnson as one of the leads. This franchise was rebooted after the Robin Williams 1995 film. Along with Johnson, there is also Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan as the quartet navigating their way through the haunted board game. The first two movies in the reboot have been overwhelming box office success stories, totaling more than $1.76 billion in receipts at the gate. And critics have been on board with them as well, averaging 74% on Rotten Tomatoes through the first two. 

Before we get the definitive word on a Jumanji 4 in the works, Dwayne Johnson is about as busy as it gets. In addition to the aforementioned Red One, he’s just coming off a major release when Red Notice hit Netflix this past month. It’s set to become one of the streamer’s most-watched offerings. He’s also slated to voice Krypto the SuperDog in the star-studded animated feature DC League of Super-Pets. But of course, the most anticipated one of them all is going to be next summer’s Black Adam. It will be Dwayne Johnson’s first foray into the live-action super-hero space. By all accounts, this will be a blockbuster of the highest order. He just keeps adding huge movies to the resume and Jumanji 4 will be yet another one.