Dwayne Johnson Reveals Incredible Behind The Scenes Shot Of Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson just posted another behind the scenes picture from Black Adam and you can see how seriously he is taking this film

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Dwayne Johnson is gearing up for a major superhero turn on the big screen next summer in what surely will be one of the year’s biggest blockbusters. And the superstar talent has been sharing some details from the set of Black Adam which is finishing up its filming this week. Johnson took to Instagram to share a pretty amazing photo of some behind-the-scenes things for the movie. He looks every bit the part of the character. 

In this latest Instagram post, we see Dwayne Johnson getting prepped for one of the final Black Adam scenes. He’s shirtless and having a makeup artist apply tracking dots which are going to later be used in post-production to give off special effects for the character in fight scenes. Johnson looks absolutely ripped in the shot and gives some more details about what filming has been like this time around. Check out the post:

Dwayne Johnson has been sharing little bits of the production like this recently and one thing he’s continuing to mention is the physical intensity that’s been needed to keep up with the character. According to the actor, it required relentless dedication to his diet and training over the period of many months, longer than he’s ever had to do in the past. Playing a superhero will do this to you, having to look the part in a way even Johnson, who is a physical marvel, hasn’t had to do before. 

Last week, Dwayne Johnson posted another shot of him prepping for a huge scene for Black Adam, this time with the breakfast he was eating prior to a big scene. It was another reminder about the strict diet he’s been sticking to throughout the production, part of the regiment to ensure he was in peak physical condition throughout. Even for a guy who has played massive characters in the past, this one looks like it was a step up from anything else he has done on the big screen. 

When Black Adam hits the big screens next summer, Dwayne Johnson will be bringing the antihero well into the forefront. In the comics, the character has a darker past before being brought over to the good side. But, as Johnson mentions, there is a great deal of anger here and he might be playing a more violent role than we’ve seen in the past. It’s almost assuredly going to be a divergent addition to the DC Extended Universe, though will be incredibly popular as well. 

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Dwayne Johnson will be joined by other notables in this next film with the story introducing the Justice Society of America to the DC Extended Universe. Pierce Brosnan will play Doctor Fate, Aldis Hodge is Hawkman, Quintessa Swindell is Cyclone, and Noah Centineo is Atom Smasher among others. 

After all of the hard work on the part of the actor and the crew, we will finally get to see Dwayne Johnson officially suit up as Black Adam when the film releases on July 29th of next year.