Doctor Who Reveals New Sonic Screwdriver

By Douglas Helm | Updated

Doctor Who sonic screwdriver

Every Doctor in Doctor Who needs a few things to successfully go on time-wimey adventures, including a companion, a Tardis, and a trusty sonic screwdriver. While seeing the latest actor to play the Doctor is always exciting, it’s also cool to see how their sonic screwdriver has been upgraded.

Doctor Who is bringing David Tennant back as the Fourteenth Doctor, complete with a brand new sonic screwdriver.

Fortunately, the YouTube channel for the long-running series released an up-close look at the Fourteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver ahead of the upcoming special episodes in November, and it looks awesome. (via

David Tennant will be playing the fourteenth Doctor in Doctor Who after playing the Doctor’s tenth incarnation in a previous season, so you can definitely see elements of his sonic screwdriver in this design. David Tennant’s Doctor was one of the most beloved versions of the character, and it was so good that he’s the first actor to play the role twice.

It has been confirmed that Tennant’s character is the latest reincarnation of the Doctor and not the tenth incarnation returning in some capacity.

David Tennant will be taking over the Doctor Who role and the sonic screwdriver from Jodie Whitaker, who played the thirteenth reincarnation of the Doctor. However, Tennant’s return will be fairly short-lived, as Ncuti Gatwa is set to take over as the fifteenth Doctor and make his debut during the special festive episodes that coincide with the 60th anniversary of the show.

David Tennant is taking over from Jodie Whitaker, before passing the mantle on to Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor.

There will be three of these anniversary episodes, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens to Tennant’s character and how Gatwa’s fifteenth Doctor is officially introduced.

Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who

When Ncuti Gatwa takes over the role of Doctor Who, he’ll presumably be getting a sonic screwdriver of his own, so it’ll be interesting to see what that one looks like. We recently got some promotional images of what Gatwa himself will like in the role, and he seems like a perfect fit.

Doctor Who managed to do a lot of firsts for the Doctor in short order, with Jodie Whitaker being the first woman to play the Doctor, Tennant being the first to play the role twice as different Doctors, and Gatwa being the first black actor to take on the role.

We won’t have to wait too terribly long to see these Doctor Who anniversary specials and the new sonic screwdriver in action, as they are set to come out in November 2023, though an official date has yet to be given for the series.

Doctor Who will enter a new era later this year when the anniversary specials air on Disney+.

BBC One and BBC iPlayer will be airing the episode in the UK and Ireland, while Disney+ will cover the international release. The anniversary episodes are written by Russell T Davies, with Catherine Tate reprising her role as Donna Noble alongside David Tennant’s new Doctor.

The anniversary specials of Doctor Who are also set to star Neil Patrick Harris in a villainous role, with Jacqueline King and Carl Collins also reprising their roles as Sylvia Noble and Shaun Temple. Rachel Talalay, Tom Kingsley, and Chanya Button directed the three specials.

Make sure to tune in November to see the sonic screwdriver in live-action, David Tennant’s grand return to the franchise, and Ncuti Gatwa’s big debut.