Disney Star Sues After Major Injury During Willow Filming

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Despite failing to make a significant splash in pop culture, the short-lived Willow Disney+ series is in the news again this week. According to a suit filed by British actor Ralph Ineson, his shoulder was dislocated and permanently damaged due to a fall he took while filming an action sequence. The suit alleges that rushed production schedules resulted in a lack of baseline safety standards for actors, resulting in his injury.

Ralph Ineson Played Commander Ballentine In Willow

For those who already forgot about the series, Willow was a short-lived fantasy show attempting to revive the cult classic 1988 film of the same name. Ralph Ineson starred in the series as the loyal servant, Commander Ballantine in three episodes. Other stars attached to the 8-episode series include Ruby Cruz, Ellie Bamber, Tony Revolori, Amar Chadha-Patel, and Warwick Davis, reprising his role as the titular adventurer.

Disney Cancels Willow

The show premiered on Disney+ in late 2022, garnering positive reviews and high watch numbers, though it was promptly canceled without a second season. Willow has already largely been forgotten in pop culture circles, meaning Ralph Ineson’s reported injury may be the first time many potential fans have even heard of the Disney original.

The Injury Took Place During A Fight Scene

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The injury in question occurred during a night shoot while the Disney+ series was filming in South Wales in July of 2021. In the final scene, Ralph Ineson can be seen donning a full suit of heavy plate armor and battling a giant ogre. The fall and resulting injury have permanently and severely hindered Ineson’s ability to play certain roles, including those that would see him sword fighting or horseback riding, due to the long-term side effects of the injury.

Willow Can’t Be Streamed

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Perhaps this injury would amount to very little for other actors, who spend a majority of their career gesticulating before a green screen, but Ralph Ineson is known for roles that involve combat, horseback riding, and other physically demanding stimuli. The British actor has appeared in such period pieces as The Witch, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and The Green Knight, and can be seen using highly choreographed fight moves in features such as The Northman, The Tragedy of Macbeth, and many others.

Ralph Ineson is seeking damages in the amount of up to $190,500 from Walt Disney Company Ltd, as compensation for his pain, suffering, and expected losses in the future of his career. To add insult to injury, Willow is no longer streaming on Disney+. Despite high viewership figures and overwhelmingly positive reviews, Willow was removed from streaming in May of 2023 as part of a cost-saving measure put in place by CEO Bob Iger.

Ineson As A Voice Actor

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Disney’s defense against Ralph Ineson’s lawsuit has not yet been made public, though many fans assume the multi-billion dollar company will attempt to hand down a smaller settlement outside of court. With any luck, perhaps Ineson can pivot to a career in voice acting following his injury, as the star recently appeared in a handful of video game titles. Ineson previously lent his voice to games such as Final Fantasy XVI and Diablo IV. Source: The Sun