The Disney+ Sci-Fi Thriller Series That’s A Secret Gem You Need To Find

By Jason Collins | Published

The Disney+ and Hulu merger brought plenty of content onto a single platform, including Hulu’s Dimension 404, a seemingly imitation of the massively successful Black Mirror, which caused TNT to revive their own Tales from the Crypt. However, Dimension 404 isn’t just a mere copy of Black Mirror; it’s actually a gem in its own right and a much weirder one at that. Those interested in the series can now stream it on Disney+ with a Hulu subscription.

A Modern Day Twilight Zone

The bright stars of content streaming often overshadow lesser-known productions, which have the collective telescope pointed their way only after they manage to gain critical mass, often years after their release. 1999’s Fight Club was a flop that eventually found commercial success with its home video releases, which propelled the movie to its cult classic status.

Well, the same thing happened with Dimension 404, which is a sci-fi anthology series that deliberately ripped off the better-known The Twilight Zone series, but it does it in a rather interesting and innovative way.

A Hidden Sci-Fi Masterpiece

Admittedly, making a sci-fi anthology in 2017 was a bit odd, and it’s even more strange nowadays, considering that we’re not living in the exciting times previous anthologies tried to predict. In fact, modern times often pay tributes to something old and previous as being more original and thus better than the remake, the remaster, and the reiteration.

This is precisely what Dimension 404 is; it’s a rather interesting take on the sci-fi/horror subgenre of television that was mainstreamed by shows such as The Twilight Zone and its descendant, Black Mirror.

Mark Hamill’s Involvement

star wars

Even the intro sequence of Dimension 404 is a rather deliberate reference to The Twilight Zone, with Star Wars‘ Mark Hammil voicing a Rod Sterling impression as the narrator, using the classic show’s familiar language. The intro is obviously updated to reflect the modern take of the show, with the added “404” referencing a failed web experience.

If you’re into B-movie camp, this is the embodiment of perfection, especially given how the show’s episodes center on more modern subjects, such as online dating, hyper-realistic movie experiences, and web search gone wrong.

Praised As A Thought-Provoking Sci-Fi Series

This creative choice to avoid seriousness and to bring humoristic undertones to the sci-fi/horror genre is what ultimately sets Dimension 404 apart from the aforementioned releases, and it’s the series’ main selling point if you’re into that type of content. Unfortunately, the series never caused a big bang in the mainstream media, but it did resonate with a dedicated audience of sci-fi enthusiasts. The critics praised the show for its creativity, storytelling, and ability to weave thought-provoking narratives.

Stream Dimension 404 On Disney+

From the fandom’s perspective, the aforementioned association between Dimension 404 and other anthological releases and its borderline parodies—paired with the critics’ assessment of the show—is what gives Dimension 404 its unique charm.

Despite the fact that it never gained any massive attention, this particular series remains a secret gem of the sci-fi genre that not only shines bright but also begs to be discovered. For those interested, Dimension 404 can be found on streaming at Disney+.