The Death Note Anime Character Who Is Morally Correct

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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There are some debates that will never end. Chocolate or vanilla? Coke or Pepsi? And in the case of Death Note fans, Light or L? However, if you are like me, there is no question to that debate. Obviously Kira’s view was the true justice!

Light Is More Genuine Than L

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The best argument for why Light was right simply has to do with the motives of both characters. While Light was no doubt egotistical in his desire to be seen as a god, he was at least genuine in his desire to rid the world of crime.

Whereas with L, he might have been working with the police, but that wasn’t because he cared about the law. L worked with law enforcement simply because being a detective allowed him to earn a living doing what he loves most: solving puzzles. L’s “justice” in Death Note is always secondary to getting answers to his puzzles.

L Abuses His Power

We see this early on in Death Note, when L demonstrates a complete willingness to violate privacy laws by planting hidden cameras all over Light’s house, even in the bathroom. Light and his sister were still both teenagers at the time, so–in order to solve his puzzle–L willingly spies on underage kids undressing.

Later he has Misa and Light abducted, imprisoned without trial, and made to believe they were going to be shot all to test his hypothesis of Light being Kira. Notice how quickly L’s “justice” according to the law gets put aside?

Light Does What He Says

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Despite Light’s god complex, you can’t argue with his results. It is repeatedly stated in the anime that fear of Kira winds up causing the crime rate to plummet. So Kira undeniably gives law abiding citizens a safer world to live in.

While not shown in the anime, the manga’s ending even mentions how after Kira disappears, the crime rate rises again. The closing images of the Death Note manga show a group that worshipped Kira praying for him to return and protect them again. So we have clear evidence people felt safer due to his actions, and that he genuinely lowered crime.

Even When He Was Selfish, It Was For The Greater Good

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I won’t deny that Light used the Death Note for selfish purposes at times, but that was in self defense more often than not. In situations where he was being threatened, he would eliminate an adversary to protect himself and continue with his cause. You can’t expect him to just allow himself to be apprehended.

Would a police officer just peacefully surrender to criminals taking hostages? Light believes he is right, so it makes sense that he would fight back against those targeting him.

Light Was Better Than His Adversaries

Bear in mind, despite all the power Kira wielded, he did not attempt to use the Death Note in ways to give himself wealth or status. Whether you agree with Light or not, you can’t deny he had integrity. Whereas Light’s pursuers cannot say the same.

Mello used the Death Note. L was considering using it to test its rules before he was killed. And there is speculation that Near actually did use the Death Note to catch Kira.

In the manga, Matsuda wonders if Near used the Death Note he had to control Mikami and make him not notice his book had been replaced with a fake. If true, then that shows Kira’s adversaries didn’t care about the Death Note being “immoral” but just wanted to win the game at any cost.

Kira Answered Prayers

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Regardless of whose side you are on, ask yourself, what if you didn’t know Kira was really just a guy with a notebook? What if you really thought Kira was divine intervention striking down dangerous criminals to create a peaceful world? Isn’t that the kind of thing people pray for every night?

If so, then is Kira actually bad, or do you just object to knowing that Kira was an ordinary person wielding that power?