Dark Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Will Convince You We Are Not Alone

By Douglas Helm | Updated

If you like alien movies about abductions, 1993’s Fire in the Sky is one to check out. It’s based on a real experience that happened to Travis Walton. Whether you believe Walton’s tale or not, it’s still a solid sci-fi, and you can stream it over on Max.

Fire In The Sky Is Based On A True Story

Fire in the Sky is directed by Robert Lieberman and adapted by Tracy Torme from Travis Walton’s book, The Walton Experience. It stars D.B. Sweeney as Walton himself, along with a supporting cast that includes Robert Patrick, Mike Rogers, James Garner, Craig Scheffer, Scott MacDonald, Henry Thomas, and Peter Berg. The film follows a group of five men who see a mysterious light when driving home from work, only for one of them to investigate and get abducted by a flying saucer.

The Definitive Alien Abduction Movie

The remaining four men are interrogated about the event, but the missing man returns and recounts his experience of being abducted by aliens. Fire in the Sky is an interesting tale, and it has some cool effects that will help you believe aliens are real. The special effects were made by the always incredible Industrial Light & Magic, so it’s no surprise that they’re a highlight of the film.

From Flop To Classic

While Fire in the Sky is a solid sci-fi mystery, it was not a smash hit at the box office when it was released in 1993. It only grossed $19.9 million against its $15 million budget, and reviews were mixed overall. However, the film has gradually grown a bit of a cult following over the years, and it was recognized by the sci-fi community back in the day, with four Saturn Award nominations that year.

The Real Travis Walton Unhappy With The Film

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the production of Fire in the Sky is that Travis Walton claims the alien abduction portrayed in the film is nothing like what “actually” happened to him. Screenwriter Tracy Torme made adjustments to the abduction scenes, as he found Walton’s telling of the abduction boring. Director Robert Lieberman also had suspicions about the reality of it all and felt the account was a hoax, saying, “My gut feeling had it that Travis was so much smarter than those other guys, that it started out as a gag.”

Made With Input From Those That Lived Through It

Adding to the realistic feeling of the film is the fact that some of the cast members spent some time with the real-life people they portrayed in the film. Fire in the Sky isn’t a masterpiece by any means, but it does have a heart and is an effective sci-fi mystery. While people have divided opinions on it, you can’t call the film boring.

Stream Fire In The Sky On Max

Most importantly, one of the most effective parts of the movie is the actual alien abduction scenes. These scenes have been widely praised in Fire in the Sky, and the movie is worth checking out for this alone. So, if you’re looking for a good alien movie to check out this week, make sure to watch this one on Max.