Denis Villeneuve Is Unleashing Nuclear War And It Sounds Terrifying

By April Ryder | Published

There’s huge potential in the new deal struck by Legendary Entertainment for the right to produce a movie featuring the story of Pulitzer Prize finalist Annie Jacobsen’s nonfiction book entitled, Nuclear War: A Scenario.

Legendary plans to team up once again with Denis Villeneuve (director of Dune: Part Two) to progress the nuclear war project after he finishes working on the third installment of the Dune series. 

An Answer To Oppenheimer?

Denis Villeneuve would be responsible for translating Legendary’s answer to the box office smash Oppenheimer and would tell the story of what could happen in the event of a nuclear war.

Annie Jacobsen’s book compiles information gathered from numerous interviews with various military and civilian experts who are savvy to the weapons and response plans in place should there ever be a nuclear war. 

Nuclear War A Good Story?

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The expectation is that Denis Villeneuve would work with his longstanding partner in crime Tanya Lapointe to adapt the visual story of Nuclear War: A Scenario.

Given that the world is open and receptive to the story of the creation of the A-bomb (Oppenheimer won five Golden Globe awards, including Best Motion Picture), there’s likely a place in theaters for a story about the possibility of nuclear war. 

Cautionary Tale

Denis Villeneuve nuclear war

Nuclear War would tell a cautionary story about the path we all might be headed down in a world of political unrest and volatility. Too many countries have nuclear capabilities now, and too little has been done to stifle that power over the years.

Through decades of negotiations and attempts to implement control over the production of nuclear weapons, the threat is still on the table and all too real. 

Nuclear War: A Scenario

Denis Villeneuve nuclear war

With Annie Jacobsen’s writing talents and Denis Villeneuve there to produce the film version of Nuclear War: A Scenario, audiences are in for a major treat when the final product is complete.

Jacobsen has also written other books including Area 51, Operation Paperclip, The Pentagon’s Brain, and more. You can find her talents displayed in her writing for television as well, including Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Dune Still Crushing

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Meanwhile, Denis Villeneuve’s second installment in the Dune trilogy is still gathering cash at the box office.

So far, the movie has pulled in more than $630 worldwide. Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, and the rest of the star-studded cast can currently claim the highest-grossing movie of the year. The first Dune movie only made around $400 million globally. 

Still Waiting On Details

Denis Villeneuve nuclear war

Annie Jacobsen and Denis Villeneuve are clearly more than qualified to handle the adaptation of Nuclear War with the respect and veracity it requires.

Though there’s no final word on the details of the upcoming film adaptation, moviegoers can assume it will be a year or two before it shows up in theaters.

Villeneuve has to finish the third Dune movie before he can throw his attention to another project. 

In the meantime, you could always read the book. Jacobsen didn’t get nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for nothing. While Villeneuve contemplates his next big hit, you could also take the time to watch all of the Dune movies in sequence. That might get you into next year. 

Source: Deadline