Daniel Craig Is Trending For Fans’ Favorite Part Of Glass Onion

Fans are obsessed and have left Daniel Craig trending for his cabana outfit in Glass Onion.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

daniel craig glass onion

Daniel Craig’s latest movie, Glass Onion, is by all accounts a great movie. With both high critic and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, the Netflix-exclusive movie is praised for its humor, colorful characters, and quick-witted dialogue. However, fans have taken to Twitter to praise its costumes — specifically, the blue-and-white striped cabana suit Daniel Craig is seen wearing in the movie. Fans have commented that it’s better than anything Daniel Craig has worn during his 16-year tenure as the ever-fashionable James Bond.

The eye-catching outfit, which Daniel Craig wears while reprising his role as Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion, is by far the most-talked-about attire from the film. One fan has compared it to the dress Aubrey Plaza wears in season 2 episode 2 of The White Lotus. Others have noted a different similarity: the titular pajamas worn in the classic 1992 children’s television series Bananas in Pajamas.

Of course, a film with this many costume changes has its fashion-focused fans talking about more than just one set of clothing. There’s not a single outfit that Daniel Craig wears which doesn’t catch the eye of Glass Onion’s fans. On top of the summer-appropriate shirts and pants, however, fans have paid particular attention to Craig’s use of neckerchiefs, which they find particularly fashionable despite the accessory being less-than-popular in modern outfits. They’re such a rare piece of clothing that some fans don’t even know what they’re called.

Daniel Craig’s outfits are the work of Glass Onion’s costume designer, Jenny Eagen. Eagen, who also worked on the costumes for Knives Out, said in an interview with Men’s Health that it was easier to create costumes for Craig the second time around. Not only did she have more time to prepare for Glass Onion, but she already had a working relationship with Craig, making it easier to decide what the character will wear.

It also helped that Daniel Craig came in with his own ideas about what Benoit Blanc would wear in Glass Onion — ideas that Jenny Eagen welcomed with open arms. According to Eagen, Craig came in suggesting that they take inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock‘s How to Catch a Thief and the works of french filmmaker Jaques Tati. 

According to Eagen, every outfit that Daniel Craig wore on the set of The Glass Onion was created by the film’s costume crew, except for a single sweater and the much-talked-about neckerchiefs. She states that the outfits were designed not only with the actor’s measurements in mind but also with the way that he carries himself. Adjustments were made whenever they decided that an actor’s movements did not compliment the outfit.

Daniel Craig and company’s Glass Onion outfits aren’t the only thing that Jenny Eagen helped design this year. She was also the costume designer for Ryan Reynolds’ science fiction film The Adam Project, which was released on Netflix on March 11. She’s been involved in a total of 29 different movies and TV series, including season 1 of True Detective and the 2012 Matt Damon film Suburbicon