The Colin Farrell Serial Killer Thriller Streaming On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Updated

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In the world of psychological thrillers, a film often needs to strike a fine balance to captivate its audience fully. Solace, available to stream on Netflix, endeavors to do just that. Starring the adept Colin Farrell alongside Anthony Hopkins, this movie treads the fine line between a criminal procedural and a psychological drama.

The somewhat intriguing premise of the film promises a deep dive into the realms of crime, morality, and clairvoyance, setting the stage for a narrative that seeks to enthrall viewers with its mix of suspense and mystery.

Solace stars Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In Solace, Colin Farrell takes on the role of Charles Ambrose, a mysterious figure with abilities that are as enigmatic as they are central to the unfolding plot. This 2015 film, directed by Afonso Poyart, thrives on the intense interactions and converging paths of two individuals who have a preternatural gift of foresight.

Along with Colin Farrell, at the heart of the story is John Clancy, portrayed by the seasoned actor, Anthony Hopkins, a reclusive psychic doctor who is brought out of retirement by his friend, FBI Special Agent Joe Merriwether, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

They seek his help in solving a series of bizarre murders that have left the police puzzled and somewhat frightened. As Clancy utilizes his psychic abilities to get into the mind of the killer, he realizes that the perpetrator is someone who shares a similar gift, leading to a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. Abbie Cornish embodies Agent Katherine Cowles, a skeptic who gradually comes to terms with the realities of these extraordinary abilities as she witnesses them firsthand.

As the investigation unfolds, the movie takes its viewers on a dark and twisted path, where the lines between good and evil blur. The cast delivers performances that hold the narrative together, with Farrell embodying the eerie calmness of Ambrose with finesse.

The synergy between him and Hopkins forms a compelling fulcrum around which the plot revolves, building up to a climax that questions the notions of fate, free will, and the moral complexities associated with the ability to foresee the future.

Solace presents a complex web of personalities and motivations, and the story leverages its stellar cast with Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins to delve into a narrative that is as riveting as it is mind-bending.

Solace unfortunately couldn’t find solace in the embrace of critics, as it faced a largely negative reception upon its release. 

Critics were quick to point out the film’s seeming lack of originality, with many noting that it felt like a throwback to the gritty psychological thrillers of the 90s, but without bringing anything new or refreshing to the table. Many felt that the narrative treaded a thin line between being densely packed and convoluted, leaving viewers with more questions than answers by the time the credits rolled.

Solace was panned by critics and sits at 24 percent on Rotten Tomatoes

Despite having a star-studded cast who put forth valiant efforts in their respective roles, their performances were seen as being mired by a script that didn’t fully exploit the potential of the premise. Many critics pointed out that the film seemed somewhat unsure of its own identity, oscillating between a psychic thriller and a criminal procedural drama, but not quite settling convincingly into either genre. 

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The lack of depth in character development was also a point of contention, as it left audiences somewhat disconnected from the experiences and motivations of the main characters.

However, not all reviews were scathing. A few critics and audiences found merit in the film’s atmospheric tension and the compelling performances of both Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell. Their on-screen duel, soaked in a mixture of foreboding and mysticism, was cited by some as the film’s saving grace, providing moments of genuine intrigue and engagement.

At the box office, Solace fared modestly, neither a blockbuster nor a flop, a reflection perhaps of an audience that was willing to give it a chance, drawn by its promising cast and the allure of a mind-bending thriller, despite the critical admonitions.

Solace stands as a testament to the immense potential that a stellar cast holds, even when navigating through a script that couldn’t quite reach the heights it aimed for. While it may not have struck the right chords with critics, it offers moments of intrigue and a chance to witness a captivating face-off between Farrell and Hopkins, making it a worthy watch for those curious to see these giants share the screen space.