Netflix Controversy Over Most Popular Children’s Series Featuring Crossdressing Boy

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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Some X users are calling for parents to boycott Cocomelon Lane on Netflix because the animated series showed a boy wearing a tutu. In the X post below, X user @EndWokeness shared a clip of the children’s TV show, which was quickly shared by others on the platform as they expressed their disappointment in the popular series.

Nico Deciding What To Wear

The scene from Cocomelon Lane on Netflix depicts Nico, who is having trouble deciding what to wear for his family photo. His two dads who suggest Nico just be himself. I

n a catchy song, the dads mention they know Nico likes to dance to which Nico responds by putting on a tutu and tiara and doing a couple of spins around a ballet bar.

Cocomelon Lane Season 1

The song is part of episode 8 in Cocomelon Lane Season 1 on Netflix. The episode “Nina’s Three-Legged Race / Say Cheese Nico / Nina Shares a Treat” follows three characters as they deal with different problems that ultimately teach life lessons.

In other parts of the episode, Nina and Bella learn about teamwork and Nina spends time with her abuela.

While the entire episode runs 25 minutes, it’s only a six-second clip of the Cocomelon Lane episode that has people calling for the cancelation of the Netflix show.

Inaccurate Outrage?

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The X user @EndWokeness shared the scene and captioned the post with “The new CoComelon Lane on Netflix has a boy in a dress dance for his 2 gay dads,” which isn’t entirely accurate.

True, Nico does a couple of twirls in front of his dads, but the tutu is worn over traditional pants and a lion t-shirt, and it can hardly be called a dress.

Boycott Coming?

cocomelon Netflix

But the people who are outraged by the scene don’t seem to be held up by the semantics.

Whether it’s a dress or tutu, X user @MattWalshBlog is calling for Netflix to be boycotted in the same style as Bud Light was during last year’s Pride month when the beer company collaborated with transgender icon Dylan Mulvaney.

Other critics have also found the clip of a boy playing dress-up outrageous, calling the Cocomelon Lane scene from the Netflix show “just evil.”

Bigger Issues?

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Conservatives are further persisting in their opposition to the LGBTQ+ community, spreading fear to parents that shows like Cocomelon on Netflix are potentially “grooming” young children to adopt gay or transgender identities.

Presently, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is monitoring over 500 anti-LGBTQ bills throughout the United States, paralleled by conservative calls for the rejection of “wokeness.”

Originally coined by Black communities, the term “woke” denotes awareness of social injustice and racial inequality, but it is now used as a derogatory term aimed at disparaging progressive values.

The scene shared in @EndWokeness’s post only tells half the story. Following the tutu (and where the clip ends), Nico continues to try on different outfits to find which one fits his mood the best. Other options shown in the Cocomelon Netflix episode include a chef’s coat and a firefighter uniform.

Backlash To The Backlash

cocomelon Netflix

In response to the outrage, some X users came out in support of Cocomelon Lane on Netflix.

X user @VAMichaelaLaws replied, “The funniest thing about conservative snowflakes getting upset about Cocomelon having a new gay couple on the show is the fact they fully believe that if they close their eyes tightly and cry hard enough into their phones, gay people who have kids will no longer exist.”

While @Deplatformnaya posted “Grown adults crying and threatening to boycott cocomelon cause they have a gay couple on the show. They’re mad about a show for toddlers btw.”

Source: @EndWokeness