Cobra Kai Star To Be X-Men’s New Iceman

With Marvel trying to cast actors for its new take on the X-Men, a new rumor suggests a Cobra Kai star is in consideration to play Iceman.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Cobra Kai

Ever since Disney purchased Fox, fans of Marvel have been curious who will take on the roles within the X-Men when they come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Marvel likely bringing in new characters through the multiverse throughout Phase Four, a new rumor suggests that Disney has their eye on Tanner Buchanan of Cobra Kai to play Iceman.

On Cobra Kai, Tanner Buchanan plays Robby Keene, Johnny Lawrence’s troubled son, who comes to karate through Johnny’s rival, Daniel LaRusso. As one of the breakout stars of Cobra Kai, it’s no surprise Marvel might be looking at shows that feature up-and-coming young talent to headline their newest superhero team. However, even though Geekosity reported this rumor, the site also states that Tanner Buchanan hasn’t even been approached for the role yet. If Buchanan is the new Iceman, it’s news to Buchanan as well.

Geekosity also reports that Iceman will be introduced in an upcoming Spider-Man film. Tom Holland was originally signed on for three Spider-Man films, but it sounds as though that contract might have been extended for future projects. According to this rumor, a future Spider-Man film would follow Peter Parker to college, where he would meet both Iceman and Firestar. But considering that Cobra Kai’s Tanner Buchanan hasn’t even been approached for the role, and with Spider-Man 3 currently filming, it seems as though this likely won’t happen until a third Spider-Man film.

Cobra Kai Tanner Buchanan

But even before Cobra Kai, Tanner Buchanan already had an impressive career. He made his acting debut in an episode of Modern Family, and has appeared on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Goldbergs, and Major Crimes. Buchanan also had a recurring role on Girl Meets World, Game Shakers, and The Fosters. Buchanan also had a main role on Designated Survivor from 2016-2018.

Yet it’s likely that if Tanner Buchanan does get the role of Iceman, we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of him in the coming years. Cobra Kai has already been renewed for a fourth season on Netflix, with the show already planning what could come in season five and beyond. Cobra Kai has been quite the surprise hit for Netflix, so it seems like we’ll be seeing Tanner Buchanan and the rest of the Cobra Kai crew for years to come.

But if Marvel is planning on bringing Iceman into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that means that some of the characters we’ve already seen in previous X-Men films are fair game for the future. Shawn Ashmore played the role of Iceman in X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. With all the multiverse craziness likely coming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s even possible we could see Cobra Kai star Tanner Buchanan meeting Shawn Ashmore sometime in the future.

Cobra Kai Tanner Buchanan

But this is all a ways off, as Tanner Buchanan hasn’t even been asked about the role yet. Even if he doesn’t join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least we can watch the actor on Cobra Kai, which is expected to debut its fourth season sometime in early 2022.