Chris Pratt Joining New DC Universe As Loser Superhero?

Chris Pratt is rumored to be joining his Guardians of the Galaxy director in the DC Universe as Booster Gold.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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After months of wild speculation James Gunn has revealed the first slate of films and shows coming as part of the DC Universe, which includes a few surprises. The Direct reports that one of those surprise entries, Booster Gold, could also lead to one of Gunn’s MCU stars coming over to the distinguished competition. That’s right, Hollywood’s default leading man is being floated again, Chris Pratt is a potential choice for the time-traveling hero from the future.

“Hero” may be too strong a word when describing Booster Gold, as just like Chris Pratt’s interpretation of Star-Lord, the character is a loser. Michael Jon Carter was a disgraced college foot ball star in the 25th century Gotham City unable to get a job except as a night janitor at a superhero museum. Frustrated and angry that he’s not appreciated in his time, Carter stole multiple hi-tech gadgets and an advanced computer called Skeetz, before illegally traveling to the 20th-century to become a famous hero.

Peter Safran, the Co-CEO of the DC Universe, describes Booster Gold as “a loser from the future who uses basic future technology to come back to today and pretend to be a superhero.” James Gunn went on to say that the character is “imposter syndrome as a superhero.” When looking at Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord it’s easy to see how the Parks and Recreation star could do the same thing again for another franchise.

In the comic universe Booster Gold is a former member of the Justice League and has helped save the multiverse on multiple occasions. One of DC’s best time-travel comics is still his 2007 solo series which goes from uproariously funny to emotionally traumatizing as the loser from the future evolves into a great hero. The forthcoming movie, which is honestly likely to star Chris Pratt, could draw and condense over 5 years of character growth into a 2 hour runtime.

Booster Gold

James Gunn has publicly stated he wants to bring actors over from “his family,” the Guardians of the Galaxy, to join the DC Universe. Chris Pratt as Booster Gold makes perfect sense, but why stop there? Imagine Swamp Thing voiced by Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana as Vixen, Bradley Cooper as Lex Luthor, Dave Bautista as Etrigan the Demon, and Pom Klementieff as The Creature Commando’s Bride of Frankenstein.

Fans on Twitter have already been making other suggestions as to who should play Booster Gold instead of Chris Pratt, with one of the best suggestions being Top Gun: Maverick’s Glenn Powell. A fast rising star in Hollywood, Powell would be a fantastic, and younger by just under a decade, choice to play the Greatest Hero You Never Heard Of. An actor’s age, given the 10-year timetable of the DC Universe under James Gunn, is something to consider when casting characters for the next decade.

Given Chris Pratt’s age and how similar Booster Gold is to his already iconic character, the actor may not actually take the role. Even if he doesn’t the fact that a Booster Gold solo film is being discussed is amazing for long-time DC fans. In the first few hours after its reveal, James Gunn’s first era for the DC Universe, titled “Gods and Monsters,” is off to a fantastic start.