Chris Pratt Joining The DC Universe As Fan-Favorite Time Traveler?

Fans are calling for James Gunn to cast Chris Pratt as DC's Booster Gold.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

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With James Gunn now the co-CEO of DC Studios, comic book fans have taken this as an opportunity to suggest which Marvel actors he worked with in the MCU should be brought over to the DCU. For some, the first and most obvious choice is Chris Pratt, who they say would be a “perfect” fit for Booster Gold, a time-traveling football player. According to CBR, Gunn says that Booster Gold is the hero he gets the most fan requests about, but that doesn’t mean that he has plans to put him in a movie.

Gunn went on to explain that fans’ votes (which still count for something, we hope) aren’t a part of his decision-making process and that the superheroes fans most want to see aren’t necessarily the ones he is looking to put into future films.

There is also the little problem of Booster Gold’s age. While some Marvel and DC fans think Chris Pratt could bring something really cool to the role, others note that Booster Gold is a college student in the comics. He may have youthful charisma, but at 43 years old, Chris Pratt is a bit old to play an undergrad at this point.

Other fans are split on whether Christ Pratt would be right for the role at all, regardless of age, with some saying that he doesn’t have enough charm to play Booster Gold and others citing his charm as his best quality. Some moviegoers also have a bit of Chris Pratt fatigue after seeing him in so many blockbuster roles in the past few years. One actor can’t be everywhere, can he?

Even though James Gunn has been making waves as the new head of DC Studios, he is still attached to the MCU. Plus, he’s still working with Chris Pratt and his co-stars on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Before he has any time to come up with plots for new DC heroes like Booster Gold, Gunn has to wrap up this final film in this Marvel franchise.

Gunn has been praised in the past for being able to create stories that are both fun and emotional, with the final Guardians of the Galaxy film being no exception. This one will be even bigger and more action-packed than the ones that came before it, but will also have an even bigger emotional payoff.

According to Gunn, the movie was “torture” to make because “It’s a big movie, and it’s so different from the [Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special] because the special is so wacky and insane,” Gunn said. “The movie is so emotional, but it’s been a real joy making it.”

Gunn also said that he definitely has plans to work with Chris Pratt again in the future, as well as his other fellow Guardians actors Pom Klementieff, Zoe Saldaña, Karen Gillan, and Dave Bautista, because all of them grew very close while making the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Could there be a role for all of them in a Booster Gold movie? Most likely no, but the idea isn’t too far-fetched.