The Chris Hemsworth Action Movie On Streaming That Should Never Have Been Made

By Steven Nelson | Updated

Sometimes the classics should be left alone, no remakes coming. But in the modern era of Hollywood, that’s far from the case and the remake and reboot is (are) King. It’s just the way of the cinematic world. Such is the case with Chris Hemsworth’s Red Dawn which hit theaters in 2012 and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 

In the action-laden Red Dawn (2012), Chris Hemsworth takes on a pivotal role in a reimagined version of the 1984 classic. While the movie delivers some intense moments, it falls short of capturing the same impact and essence as the original. 

Chris Hemsworth’s Red Dawn is a remake of the 1984 cult classic

Red Dawn follows a group of young patriots who find themselves unexpectedly thrust into the frontlines when their hometown is invaded by North Korean forces. As chaos ensues, Chris Hemsworth portrays Jed Eckert, a Marine on leave and the older brother of one of the group’s leaders, Matt Eckert (played by Josh Peck). In the face of danger and desperation, Jed becomes a crucial source of guidance and well, adulting for the group, leading them in their fight for survival and freedom.

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The 2012 version of Red Dawn attempted to modernize the story, replacing the original Cold War setting with North Korea as the invading force. While the update aimed to reflect contemporary geopolitical tensions, it struggled to resonate with audiences as effectively as the 1984 version did during the height of the Cold War era.

The shift in the antagonist, though meant to bring relevance, resulted in a lack of credibility and depth in the portrayal of the invading forces. That is to say, it fell pretty flat.

Moreover, the remake seemed to rely heavily on visually stunning action sequences, at times overshadowing character development and emotional connections. Chris Hemsworth’s presence as Jed Eckert brings a sense of gravitas, but even his charisma couldn’t fully compensate for the film’s weak script and lackluster execution.

The 2012 version of Red Dawn paled in comparison when it came to capturing the spirit of resistance and patriotism

Compared to the original film, the 2012 version paled in comparison when it came to capturing the spirit of resistance and patriotism (Can I get a “WOLVERINES!!!”?). The 1984 Red Dawn featured a strong ensemble cast, including Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, and C. Thomas Howell, who delivered compelling performances that made the audience truly invest in the characters’ plight.

Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, and C. Thomas Howell in the original Red Dawn

In contrast, the 2012 remake received a mixed critical reception, with many critics pointing out its lack of emotional depth and character development. Chris Hemsworth’s performance as Jed Eckert stood out amidst the film’s shortcomings, but even his talent couldn’t single-handedly carry the movie to the same level of impact as the original.

MGM’s bankruptcy meant the Chris Hemsworth version of Red Dawn was delayed for years.

Ultimately, the modernized Red Dawn lacked the grit and authenticity that made the original a cult classic. It missed the mark in delivering a gripping tale of guerrilla warfare and the resilience of its young protagonists. The attempt to update the story for a contemporary audience might have had noble intentions, but it fell short of capturing the heart and soul of the original film.

And it was almost shuttered completely because of MGM’s major league financial issues. Originally filmed in 2009, the movie’s release was delayed for two years, leaving it caught in limbo as the studio grappled with financial turmoil. The bankruptcy situation impacted the film’s marketing and distribution, resulting in limited promotion and a lack of substantial box office success. 

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The financial constraints affected the film’s overall production value and marketing efforts, contributing to its lukewarm reception among both critics and audiences. Despite the star power of actors like Chris Hemsworth and a modernized approach, the shadow of financial turmoil loomed over the remake, hindering its potential to fully thrive. Basically, everything was against this one.

Chris Hemsworth’s role in Red Dawn (2012) adds some intensity to the modernized version of the classic tale, but it fails to live up to the emotional impact and authenticity of the 1984 original. While the film has its entertaining moments, it lacks the depth and spirit that made the original a beloved cult classic. 

For those seeking the true essence of Red Dawn, the 1984 version remains the definitive choice. But there’s always room to compare. Catch the newer one on Amazon Prime and see for yourself.