Chris Evans Called In A Lot Of Favors For Those Marvel Cameos In Ghosted

Chris Evan called in favors to get Ryan Reynolds, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and John Cho in his new movie.

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

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In Chris Evans’ new movie, Ghosted, several of his Marvel friends came in to do cameos in a particular scene, but Evans did not relish calling them to ask the favors. Evans stars alongside Ana de Armas in the action romantic comedy about a farmer (Evans) who is ghosted by an international art curator (de Armas), whom he is convinced is his soulmate. But when he pursues her all the way to London for a rom-com-worthy declaration of love, he instead discovers that she is actually a CIA agent and accidentally stumbles into her globe-trotting, world-saving mission.

Having famously played Captain America over the course of many Marvel films, Chris Evans is no stranger to action and adventure. As Entertainment Weekly reports, however, he is shy about calling in favors. So, when he contacted his friends and former costars Anthony Mackie, John Cho, Sebastian Stan, and Ryan Reynolds to appear in the film in cameo roles as assassins, it was with a great deal of trepidation. While his friends were all happy to be in the film, for Evans, the process of requesting their involvement felt “like asking someone to pick you up from the airport.”

But, as de Armis points out, Chris Evans also knows how to pay it forward, having appeared in cameos himself under similar circumstances. When Reynolds asked Evans to appear in Free Guy, de Armis says, Evans agreed immediately and was on set the same day, a gesture which greatly impressed the Deadpool star, who calls it proof that Evans is a “great guy.” That sense of trade-off did cushion the feelings of imposition for Evans somewhat, as he said having done the favor for his friend helped him not feel bad about asking.

In the Ghosted scene for which Chris Evans recruited his friends, a series of assassins try to kill the pair, with each subsequently being killed by their competitor assassins. But the scene might not have made it into the movie. Evans tells EW that there was some talk of cutting the scene, which met with immediate objections from within the production from people who loved the scene and wanted it to remain.

We don’t think Chris Evans had anything to worry about when asking his friends to help him out, no matter how airport-trip-worthy it might have felt to him at the time. It’s clear his costars were eager to step up and be involved in the film, not at all worried about anything but making the movie as fun as possible. And it seems, by all accounts to have paid off.

chris evans

Chis Evans says his pals were “good sports” and we’re hoping the resulting sequence is as fun and exciting as it sounds. Sure, it can be embarrassing to ask for favors like a ride to the airport or, as Evans suggests, help moving on a Sunday, but everyone needs a little help now and again, and when the help is appearing in a movie, it’s a lot more fun to pitch in. We’re guessing Chris will be the first one his friends call next time they need a little help, which is, after all, what friends are for.