See Chevy Chase Be Replaced By Jon Hamm In First Look At Fletch Reboot

By James Brizuela | Published

chevy chase

The world has long been stuck in the routine of reboots and remakes. Most of the time, the reboots come from classic films that don’t need the reboot treatment. At first, that was how we felt when the announcement that the classic comedy Fletch, starring Chevy Chase, was getting a reboot. However, Jon Hamm has been attached to the film, and that certainly intrigues us quite a bit. Also, the first image of Hamm in the titular role has now been released. You can see the image below:

The name of the Fletch reboot is going to be called Confess, Fletch. Jon Hamm will effectively be stepping into the shoes of a role that was first inhabited by Chevy Chase. However, this reboot might just be a bit of a different take on the film entirely. Fletch was based on a novel series by author Gregory McDonald. The second book in the series is called Confess, Fletch, and Hamm will be stepping in as Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher. Although it will be the same character, the first film did follow the first novel of the series, so technically, this is a bit of a reimagining. We are not as upset about this. Plus, Hamm is a fantastic actor.

Greg Mottola directed Confess, Fletch. Fans might know him better as the director of Superbad. He wrote the new film alongside Zev Borow. The story will follow Fletch as he is wrapped in a murder mystery, with himself being one of the prime suspects. Also, his heiress girlfriend is suspected to be the killer too. Fletch must infiltrate a sailing club, which makes sense why the above image shows the man standing in front of maritime flags and wearing a rotary jacket. At least, we understand that will be one of the adventures the character will be placed in during this new film. We can’t wait to see how Jon Hamm does in place of Chevy Chase.

Confess, Fletch has been purchased by Miramax, and the film will see its debut in theaters on September 16th. After the small theatrical run, fans can watch this new Jon Hamm-led reboot on Showtime on October 28th. Although the Chevy Chase film is a comedy classic, Hamm is going to do quite well. Well, at least when it comes to comparing his acting prowess to stepping into the shoes of one of the best comedic actors in the world. Hamm has been spectacular in comedic roles. He was great in both 30 Rock and Bridesmaids. Even in Mad Men, when that series decided to be a bit humorous.

Confess, Fletch is set for theaters in September, and streaming in October. Although we aren’t on board with every reboot that happens. We are perfectly happy to see how Jon Hamm does in place of Chevy Chase. Chase will always be iconic, but Hamm is a great actor. His resume speaks for itself. We are just wondering if Hamm is going to be as silly as Fletch was in the original film.