A Sexy Charlize Theron Action Movie Is Now Free To Watch Online

Charlize Theron has dipped her toe into the action film scene on a few occasions. Now, one of her bigger-budgeted action-adventure movies is available, free and legal, online.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Charlize Theron has dipped her toe into the action film scene on a few occasions. Now, one of her bigger-budgeted action-adventure movies is available, free and legal, online. That’s right, Aeon Flux is now free to stream.

Aeon Flux tells the story of the title character, played by Charlize Theron. The movie is set 400 years into the future where most of civilization has been annihilated by a virus. Now, only around 5 million people live in the walled-in utopian city Bregna.

Charlize Theron’s Flux is a skilled, mysterious assassin working for an underground rebel organization called the Monicans. They have the ability to communicate through telepathy and are led by one calling themselves the Handler (Frances McDormand).

charlize theron aeon flux
Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux

When Flux returns to her home after a mission to destroy a surveillance station, she finds her sister Una dead. Una was mistaken for a Monican and thusly killed. Flux is then sent on a mission to kill Trevor Goodchild, the government’s leader, resulting in all the Charlize Theron action you can handle.

Aeon is prepared to do the job but before she can complete it, she finds out that she and the remaining Monicans are being manipulated to help in a secret coup d’état. Secrets of Bregna’s inhabitants are revealed. The connection between Aeon and Trevor is revealed. The reason for Una’s death is also revealed. Everything Aeon thought to be true is not, causing her to dig deeper into the mystery of who she actually is. Meanwhile Charlize Theron spends the movie in that outfit.

When Aeon Flux finally meets up with Keeper (Pete Postlethwaite), an old man who has kept his eye on all of Bregna’s happenings, all of Aeon’s questions get answered, though they aren’t answers she’s expecting. Maybe they weren’t the ones Charlize Theron was expecting when she signed on to the movie, either.

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Charlize Theron’s version of Aeon Flux is based on the MTV animated science fiction series of the same name. Peter Chung created the series and was less than pleased with the Karyn Kusama-directed film, eventually calling the finished product a “travesty.” During his interview with Live Journal, Chung discusses the film. “With apologies to both Phil [Hay] and Matt [Manfredi] [both screenwriters of the film] — who have publicly been effusive in their praise for the show– the movie is a travesty. I was unhappy when I read the script four years ago; seeing it projected larger than life in a crowded theatre made me feel helpless, humiliated and sad.”

Chung, though, wasn’t finished talking about the Charlize Theron movie. “I know it’s bad form for me to voice my disapproval in a public forum, but it’s silly for me, of all people, to continue playing dumb, considering most of the critics have voiced their disapproval using every mocking and condescending expression possible.” Chung also went on to acknowledge the fact that it was against the wishes of both the writers and director of the movie that the studio went in and made further cuts to the film.

Chung wasn’t the only one who stated distaste for the Charlize Theron movie. Most critics and fans also disapproved. Neil Smith of the BBC called the film, “Preposterous, pretentious and surprisingly dull…”, while Tim Brayton of Alternate Ending said, “It has the unmistakable hollowed-out, jerkily-paced feel that comes when scenes have been ripped out more for reasons of running time than narrative clarity.” There is a claim that the director’s cut holds 30 more minutes of film not seen in the movie theaters.

Charlize Theron free movie
Charlize Theron gets sexy in Aeon Flux

In the end, Charlize Theron’s take on Aeon Flux was a flop. The movie’s budget ranged from $55-62 million, while it only brought home an estimated $52 million at the box office.

As for Charlize Theron, Aeon Flux should have been a film that added nothing but positivity to her blossoming resume. Theron had just come off her amazing Oscar-winning performance as true-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster.  The former prostitute killed six men and though she said that her victims had either raped her or attempted to rape her, she was found guilty, nevertheless. Wuornos was executed in Florida in 2002 by lethal injection.

Charlize Theron followed up Monster with three more solid acting roles in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, Head in the Clouds, and North Country before her Aeon Flux misstep. While Aeon Flux could have derailed her career, she had enough cache to keep things moving along.

After a few years, Charlize Theron even went back to the sci-fi action film genre. She was seen in the Alien-prequel Prometheus, then found time on Mad Max: Fury Road. She continued with action films such as joining the Fast & Furious franchise while also appearing in Atomic Blonde and most recently The Old Guard.

The mark of a strong and extremely competent actor is their ability to make a dud or two but to never lose confidence in their craft. Charlize Theron fits that bill as in her immediate future she returns to Fast & Furious with F9, set to premiere June 25, 2021. Also on deck for Theron is her return as Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde 2.