Carl Weathers Gets Tribute From Star Wars Head Creative

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni gave a loving tribute to late Star Wars actor Carl Weathers, who passed away earlier this month. Filoni was awarded the George Pal Memorial Award, the 51st Annual Saturn Awards, and spoke with ET’s Ash Crossan at the step-and-repeat after the show. The Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm discussed how grateful he was to work with the late actor.

From Football To Rocky

Renowned actor Carl Weathers passed away at the age of 76 on February 1. The actor, who is most famous for his roles in the Rocky franchise and Happy Gilmore, departed peacefully in his sleep, according to his family. Weathers began his career as a football star before transitioning into acting in 1974. 

Carl Weathers And The Mandalorian

After retiring from the Oakland Raiders, Carl Weathers became a prolific actor, appearing in 80 projects and directing 17. In 2019, Weathers secured himself as part of the Star Wars legacy when he appeared in The Mandalorian as Greef Karga in nine episodes. He also directed two episodes of the series: Season 2, Episode 4: Chapter 12: The Siege, and Season 3, Episode 4: Chapter 20: The Foundling.

A Tribute From Dave Filoni

During his interview at the Saturn Awards, Dave Filoni reminisced about the first time he met Carl Weathers on the set of the first episode of The Mandalorian. Filoni recalled how he was learning how to direct on the job from some of the greatest talents in Hollywood, mentioning how he considers Weathers an “exceptional director.”

Carl Weathers Was Loved By All

While discussing his experience working with Carl Weathers, Filoni recalled how “thrilled” he and Jon Favreau were to work with a talent like Weathers. Filoni lit up as he remembered his favorite memory of the actor, which took place at the celebration of The Mandalorian Season 1. “He came out on stage like Apollo Creed and said, ‘I want you, I want you—’ and just the energy and the power that he carried, and the stature in his voice and everything… I mean, it’s rough. We’re going to miss him dearly.”

A Lasting Legacy

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Filoni continued his tribute by describing how Carl Weathers “gave himself to so many people,” saying that’s how he knows his “legacy will continue on in ways we can’t even imagine.”

After his passing, Carl Weathers’ family highlighted the actor’s enduring impact on film, television, the arts, and sports, noting his global recognition across generations.

Tributes From Co-Stars

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Like Filoni, many of Carl Weathers’ co-stars have reached out to pay tribute to the beloved actor. Adam Sandler, his co-star in Happy Gilmore, reminisced about Weathers’ talent, humor, and devotion to family. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who worked with Weathers in The Predator, also paid tribute, emphasizing his legendary status and joyful presence both on and off the set.

More Than One Iconic Role

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Carl Weathers’ legacy transcends his iconic roles; he was celebrated for his athleticism, acting prowess, and genuine camaraderie. Stars like Sylvester Stallone, Pedro Pascal, Dane Cook, and Jon Lovitz expressed their condolences and admiration for his contributions to entertainment. From his early days as a football player to his recent appearances in The Mandalorian, Carl Weathers’ multifaceted career has left an enduring mark on the industry, cherished by colleagues and fans worldwide.

Source: Entertainment Tonight