Carl To Return For The Walking Dead Movie?

With three Walking Dead movies in the works, a new rumor suggests that Carl could return to this universe in a flashback.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Carl Walking Dead

If there’s one thing that The Walking Dead has taught us over ten seasons, it’s that you can’t turn back time. The past can haunt your present, and try no matter how hard you want, some things just can’t be fixed back to the way they once were. Yet with several Walking Dead movies in the works starring Rick, one rumor suggests that the film might go back to the past and bring back Carl.

This rumor comes from gossip writer Daniel Richtman, who dropped this rumor on his Patreon page. The rumor states that in one of the Walking Dead movies, it seems that Carl will be returning in a flashback. After eight seasons, Carl – played by Chandler Riggs – died after being bitten by a walker, and committed suicide before he could turn. While it’s not clear where Richtman heard this rumor, The Walking Dead certainly has utilized flashbacks in the past, as Rick has a flashback to a 3-year-old Carl also in Season Eight, while he also reappeared in a flashback in Season Ten.

While it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility that Carl could come back in a flashback, it seems unlikely that it would be Riggs playing Carl. Riggs was still a kid when he died on The Walking Dead, so if there was a flashback of some form, it would probably show Carl in a period before we met him on the show. It’s entirely possible Rick could flashback to a time before the events of The Walking Dead, with a different young actor playing Carl.

The Walking Dead Carl

It’s unclear when we will see these Rick Grimes-focused Walking Dead movies, but it is theorized that these films will follow a group known as the Three Rings. These films are also scheduled to be released in theaters by Universal Pictures, although it seems likely that they will eventually make their way to the AMC network at some point as well.

But even though The Walking Dead is planning to end with the 11th season of the show, there are still plenty of stories to tell beyond just these Rick movies. Fear the Walking Dead is currently airing its sixth season, and the spinoff doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon. Last year, The Walking Dead: World Beyond also premiered, which is scheduled to consist of only two seasons. 

In addition to these existing spinoffs, there is also an anthology series in the works called Tales of the Walking Dead, which will be an episodic anthology series that explores the stories of new and existing characters in this world. Finally, AMC is planning another spinoff series focused on the characters of Daryl and Carol, which is set to air in 2023, after The Walking Dead has concluded.

The Walking Dead Carl

The Walking Dead has long used flashbacks to show viewers the world before the walkers took over, so this news makes complete sense, even if it seems unlikely that Chandler Riggs would be returning for the role of Carl. However, considering there are three Rick films in the works, it is anyone’s guess which film we could get more of Carl.