Boss Baby 2 Is Happening, Here’s The Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Boss Baby 2 is upon us. Here is all we know about the upcoming sequel, including the plot and cast.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Boss Baby 2 is upon us. A sequel to the immensely successful DreamWorks animated feature seems like a no-brainer, and it has been set in stone for the near future. We have a ton of information on this newest entry in the Boss Baby universe, so here we go.

Boss Baby 2 will be titled The Boss Baby: Family Business and will jump forward in time when Templeton brothers Tim (James Marsden) and Ted (Alec Baldwin) have grown up. Tim is now married with his own family and Ted has become a successful hedge fund CEO. Unfortunately, they have lost touch with each other. However, a new boss baby, Tina (Amy Sedaris), has a plan to reunite the brothers and even establish a brand new family business.

In Boss Baby 2, Tim and his wife Carol (Eva Longoria) live with their incredibly intelligent 7-year-old daughter Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt), and new baby Tina. Tabitha is the best student at her school, the illustrious Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood. She idolizes her Uncle Ted and hopes to be just like him one day. Tim is worried that Tabitha is working too hard and could miss out on all the fun of being a kid. Tina is actually a secret agent for BabyCorp, and she is on a mission to discover a secret conspiracy at Tabitha’s school. This will put her in the crosshairs of the school’s mysterious founder, Dr. Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum).

It is no surprise that DreamWorks Animation is getting Boss Baby 2 out into the world as soon as possible. In addition to the immense success of the film at the box office, it has done great on home video and streaming platforms like Netflix. In fact, Netflix and DreamWorks partnered up and brought us the television series The Boss Baby: Back in Business back in 2018. That show has run for three seasons and even released an interactive special, The Boss Baby: Get That Baby!, earlier this month.

Boss Baby 2, or The Boss Baby: Family Business, is currently scheduled for a March 26, 2021 release date. As of now, Universal sounds committed to a traditional theatrical release model. However, we do not know what the state of movie theaters will be in the next few months. And DreamWorks did find success earlier this year with a premium video-on-demand release with Trolls: World Tour, even if that franchise suffered its own controversy.

Could Boss Baby 2 end up going the same route? Family films seem to be the best candidates for premium video-on-demand releases. If theaters are still hurting in the next six months, it could be possible that The Boss Baby 2: Family Business takes that route. If it does, we will be sure to let you know here. Otherwise, prepare yourself for another addition to the Boss Baby family. Should we all start taking bets on whether or not DreamWorks could turn this series into a bonafide trilogy? If this sequel is anywhere as successful as the first film, that seems like a safe bet.