A Beloved Bob Saget Series Is Coming To TV For The First Time

By Nathan Kamal | 3 months ago

bob saget

Fuller House, the Netflix Original follow-up to the Bob Saget 1990s sitcom Full House, will soon be on regular, non-streaming TV. The 75 episodes of Fuller House will begin airing on cable channel GAC Family at the end of February, after ending its run on Netflix in 2020. The show followed the adventures of the Tanner family from the original ABC show, which ran for eight seasons and nearly 200 episodes. Full House was never a critically beloved show, but it was a mainstay of daytime entertainment for a generation of American children along with similar shows like Saved by the Bell and Family Matters. Bob Saget starred as Danny Tanner, a San Francisco sports anchor who raises his three children after the death of his wife, with the help of his rock musician brother-in-law (John Stamos) and childhood friend/standup comedian (Dave Coulier). In other words, it was the standard basic American family set up. 

The sequel series to Full House centered on Bob Saget’s character’s children raising their own brood in the same San Francisco house after the death of DJ Tanner-Fuller’s husband (Candace Cameron Bure). While it certainly seems to be a grim choice to essentially repeat the family tragedy that led to the original premise, the show kept a similar lighthearted tone to the ABC show. Saget reprised the Danny Tanner character in a recurring role, which meant we could keep the memory alive of how much a grown man hated his teenage daughter’s best friend. Fuller House was originally ordered for a single thirteen-episode season, but eventually stretched into five. While the reviews of the show were consistently negative for the duration of the series, it is not like anyone ever watched the original Full House because of critical praise. 

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Sadly, Bob Saget passed away in January at the age of 65. The comedian was performing in Florida, when he apparently struck his head and went to sleep without medical treatment or examination. He passed away in his sleep; his family is currently suing to prevent the release of more private medical records with information on his death for privacy reasons. In addition to starring on Full House, Saget was the longtime host of the pre-YouTube video clip show America’s Funniest Home Videos and served as the narrator of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother for the length of its run. He was also a beloved fixture of the American comedy community, and his death prompted a wide swelling of praise for his career-long reputation for goodwill and friendliness. 

With the passing of Bob Saget, it seems unlikely that there will be further series based on the saga of the Tanner family. It also does not help that the original creator of both Full House and Fuller House Jeff Franklin was ousted from his position as showrunner in 2018 due to allegations of sexual misconduct. At least soon, we will all be able to remember simpler, more innocent times and bathe in the warm glow of nostalgia when Fuller House arrives on GAC Family.