Bob Saget’s Family Sues To Prevent Release Of Death Records

The family of Bob Saget has filed a lawsuit to prevent the release of certain aspects of his death records in file in Florida

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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It’s now been more than a month since the passing of Bob Saget with details still emerging about what exactly happened to the comedian and actor the night that he passed away. Recently, reports stemming from an autopsy had suggested that the actor died from brain trauma after bruising was found around the back of his head. And there could be more to this story, though we might never find out all of the details. That’s because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Saget’s family has filed a lawsuit to prevent the release of certain medical documents directly related to his death. And a judge, at least for the time being, has upheld the request. 

Though it’s not clear what details the family of Bob Saget wants to stay behind closed doors (that’s kind of the point after all), Judge Vincent Chiu said that the family of Saget would, “suffer irreparable harm in the form of severe mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress if the requested temporary injunction is not granted…” In this ruling, Chiu agreed that there were certain aspects of Saget’s death or pieces of information in the medical records that should stay behind closed doors and out of the public eye. Of course, this kind of thing only ramps up the questioning around what exactly happened regarding his death and what pieces of information are out there that could cause such consternation among Bob Saget’s family. 

According to the reporting, numerous media companies have filed public record requests with the medical examiner and other Florida entities seeking more information about this Bob Saget case. It’s unclear if those requests will ever be filled based on this latest filing and ruling. The lawsuit was originally brought by Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo and his three daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer. Apparently, one of the impetuses around not releasing more information is in regards to photographs made by authorities at the scene. 

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It had previously been reported that the cause of death for Bob Saget was head trauma. It was speculated that the comedian had hit his head against something earlier in the day and then gone to sleep without realizing that something was wrong. But in actuality, he suffered a subdural hematoma or a build-up of blood in the brain. This ultimately proved fatal. Bob Saget was performing comedy in Florida while on tour at the time and according to initial reports, no drugs or alcohol were found at the scene. 

It’s unclear what will happen going forward regarding information about Bob Saget and his death. This latest lawsuit from his family and the judge’s upholding of the ruling would give the sense that there will be certain information that stays behind closed doors. But in this day and age of information, it would almost seem unlikely to stay that way, especially with ramped up interest around the circumstances stemming from, well, the lawsuit itself.  There is a chance we hear more about this situation in the coming days. No matter the end result, the passing of Bob Saget remains a tragic situation.