See The Batmobile From Christopher Nolan’s Batman Movies Brought Back To Life

Check out this amazing Batmobile replica from Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

By Kristi Eckert | Published


As iconic a hero as Batman is, his image is just not complete without his signature ride, the batmobile. Adam West first hopped into the batmobile in 1966 and since then Batman has never relinquished the keys.

From the comics to the animated series to Micheal Keaton’s legendary batmobile in 1989’s Batman, it is impossible to imagine Batman careening through the streets of Gotham without being able to drive his illustrious wheels. The fan hunger to ride in an actual batmobile is just as strong as the partnership between the Dark Knight himself and his high-tech ride. One fan’s dream of riding in an actual batmobile just became a reality. Hot Cars let everyone know that YouTube personality, James Lucas Condon recently had the opportunity to ride in a to-scale fully functional Batman tumbler replica from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Fans can check out the full video footage on Condon’s YouTube channel below. 

In the video, Condon takes his viewers to a garage at an undisclosed location in California. When he arrives at the garage he is met with the head of RPM productions, the builder of the replica, who leads him through the garage to unveil a real-life fully functional batmobile. Condon says that not only can the Dark Knight tumbler drive but that it was intentionally built street legal. He specifies that this version of the batmobile is exactly eight-and-a-half feet wide and has working Hummer H1 tail lights that are highlighted by two massive 42-inch tank tires. Even though the batmobile still has yet to be fully finished, it was easy to envision just how accurate and polished the final version will look. 

RPM’s version of the batmobile tumbler is jaw-droppingly impressive. It will be interesting to see if his extraordinary work will inspire others to attempt to re-create other iterations of the iconic batmobile. However, with both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton set to reprise their roles as Batman in the new upcoming Flash movie, fans can marvel at the coveted set versions of batmobile, as well as some other classic batman vehicles. Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot has even been known to pose on set in front of the remarkable ride. 

In addition to the construction of RPM’s real-life batmobile tumbler, another legendary batman piece of transportation had Mythbusters host Adam Savage flocking to a prop store in Los Angeles. At the store, Savage got a first-hand look at the rumored restoration of the Batwing. A video that Savage posted on his Youtube shows the exemplary 1/4 scale Batwing replica up close and personal. 

batmobile michael keaton

The adoration of the batmobile runs deep for the majority of devoted Dark Knight fans and even though most fans can’t build their own to drive around town in, or afford to invest in a fully restored prop right out of Michael Keaton’s Batman, they can look forward to seeing the batmobile alongside other iconic Batman vehicles light up the big screen in The Flash, which is expected to hit theaters on November 4, 2022.