Babylon 5 Reboot Reveals The New Actors Taking Over Iconic Characters

The Babylon 5 reboot animated movie will feature many of the original stars and some new characters.

By Douglas Helm | Published

babylon 5 reboot

We already have some new information about the recently announced Babylon 5 animated movie from creator J. Michael Straczynski. It looks like we’ll have both some new faces as well as some old favorites returning to reprise the roles fans know and love. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the returning cast members for the film are Bruce Boxleitner as John Sheridan, Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova, Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari, Bill Mumy as Lennier, Tracy Scoggins as Elizabeth Lochley and Patricia Tallman as Lyta Alexander.

As for the fresh faces, we’ll be hearing Paul Guyet as Zathras and Jeffery Sinclair, Anthony Hansen as Michael Garibaldi, Mara Junot as Reporter and Computer Voice, Phil LaMarr as Dr. Stephen Franklin, Piotr Michael as David Sheridan, Andrew Morgado as G’Kar and Rebecca Riedy as Delenn. Straczynski wrote the upcoming film, titled Babylon 5: The Road Home, and will also be executive producing alongside Sam Register. Matt Peters is on board to direct the film, and Rick Morales will be the supervising producer.

According to the synopsis for Babylon 5: The Road Home, we’ll be following John Sheridan through multiple realities and parallel universes as he tries to find his way back home. Apparently, we won’t even have to wait that long to see this highly-anticipated film. The Hollywood Reporter stated that the film is planned for a summer release date.

babylon 5 reboot

It has been a long time since fans have seen anything from the franchise, as the last film Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers, came out in 2002. That film was originally planned as a pilot for a series, but poor ratings, poor audience reception, and revenue-sharing disputes prevented that series from coming to fruition. Nearly 20 years later, we’re finally getting a continuation of the story.

Babylon 5 started out as a TV series in 1993 that ran for five seasons and 110 episodes. The series followed the staff and diplomats of a 5-mile-long space station meant as a center of diplomacy and trade between space-faring races. The series would end up getting a spin-off titled Crusade in 1999 that ran for 13 episodes.

It remains to be seen if this Babylon 5 animated movie will affect the development of the planned reboot series that was reportedly in development for the CW. Straczynski gave an update at the beginning of 2023 to reassure fans that the show wasn’t dead in the water, but maybe this animated movie is what they decided to pivot to. After the Warner Bros Discovery merger and the Nexstar purchase of a large portion of the CW, the status of many of their planned scripted programming remains unclear.

Even if we don’t end up seeing that reboot come to fruition at the CW, at least fans can take solace in the fact that they’re finally getting some new content. Maybe if this animated movie gets a warm reception, we could expect to see more from the franchise in the future. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on the animated movie and any other upcoming Babylon 5-related projects that are in development.