Babylon 5 Coming Back? There’s Already A Teaser Image

Babylon 5's return is teased in a new logo, with more information coming next week.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

J. Michael Straczynski has started teasing something about Babylon 5 on Twitter, stating, “It can’t be for the reimagining ’cause that’s on hold pending WGA issues, so what could it *possibly* be for?” as he shared the above image of the new logo. At the same time, he also said everyone would find out “more one week from today.” Adding more fuel to the fire, JMS shared an image with Bruce Boxleitner, star of the original series, again hinting at more information in a week.

It’s been 25 years since Babylon 5 went off the air, ending a five-year narrative that broke ground for long-term storytelling in a sci-fi series. Meticulously planned by J. Michael Straczynski from the beginning, the series is hailed as influencing Lost and Battlestar Galactica. All of which is to say that no matter what the two are working on, if it’s related to the sci-fi classic, many fans will be very happy.

Boxleitner played Captain John Sheridan starting in the show’s second season through multiple television movies and an anthology series that never reached the potential of the original series. His involvement makes it easy for fans to get their hopes up, which is exactly what started happening on Twitter following the Babylon 5 logo reveal:

Though Babylon 5 never reached the popularity of Star Wars, Star Trek, or Stargate, the cult following has maintained for decades without the multitude of spinoffs that the other franchises have enjoyed. It’s worth noting that the show’s creator isn’t calling the new project a remake or a sequel, choosing instead to say “reimagining,” which opens the door to countless new possibilities on the space station at the center of a massive galactic conflict.

No other cast members have been spotted in photos or mentioned by anyone, but there’s still the possibility that Babylon 5 could get its own version of the Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies instead of a follow-up similar to Star Trek: Picard. With today’s advancements in CGI and new shows each year presenting visuals that are either on par with or exceeding those seen in major movies, the series could thrive in today’s environment, even if it’s just a straight-up retelling of the same story.

babylon 5

Is Boxleitner returning as John Sheridan for just the first season of the new Babylon 5, echoing Michael O’Hare from the original show before being replaced by another commander? Will better technology mean more of Zeta Wing in action? Would the different alien species be given makeovers, making the Centauri, Narn, and Vorlons distinct from humans?

J. Michael Stracynzski’s logo tease and replies to fans on Twitter are getting hopes up. After 25 years, it’s understandable if everyone is hesitant to get excited over what will undoubtedly be great news. Babylon 5 is coming back when Star Trek is reaching new heights of popularity, and Stargate also being revived makes it seem like the 90s all over again, and we are here for it.

Expect more Babylon 5 news next week!