The Aubrey Plaza Hit X-Men Series Marvel Wants To Bury

By Britta DeVore | Published

Aubrey Plaza coven of chaos
Aubrey Plaza in Legion

With Marvel setting its eyes on bringing back characters like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Jon Bernthal’s Punisher that were buried when Netflix canceled its lineup of MCU content, many fans have wondered if the Aubrey Plaza-led series Legion would be making a comeback. Unfortunately, even with its ties to the X-Men universe and the possibility of multiverse hopping that’s been made uber-popular in recent productions from the studio, there seems to be no chance that we’ll see the next chapter of Legion anytime soon. Having wrapped up after a three-season run in 2019, the FX series couldn’t be further removed from having its Disney+ return like Daredevil: Born Again.

FX’s excellent X-Men series Legion didn’t join the rest of the Fox franchise on Disney+ and to date, has yet to be acknowledged by Marvel.

Premiering on FX in 2017, the Noah Hawley-created series was one of many Marvel-based productions to make it into small-screen format over the last few decades. The series takes place in a different timeline than the X-Men film franchise which was still going strong during the 2010s and featured Dan Stevens as the titular character otherwise known as David Haller. Along with Haller, stars including Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Keller, Amber Midthunder, Jean Smart, Bill Irwin, and Jeremie Harris also starred in Legion, cementing their names as series regulars with other recognizable faces, including Navid Negahban and Jemaine Clement joining down the line. 

In Legion, Stevens David Haller is a mutant who was given the diagnosis of schizophrenia at a young age, revealing what his adult life was like dealing with his powers clashing with his mental illness. Not only did Haller need to watch out for himself, but the series also saw him fighting forces attempting to get into his head and bend his will to use him for evil – even though audiences were constantly on the edge of trusting Haller’s account of unfolding events. Luckily, he had some friends to help him in his plight, with Rachel Keller playing the role of David’s girlfriend, Sydney “Syd” Barrett, and Aubrey Plaza appearing as Lenore “Lenny” Busker, both adding their own powers and personal care to assist Legion on his journey.

Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza in Legion

For Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny, she appeared as David’s number-one go-to pal after the duo met at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital. Struggling with her own background of drug and alcohol abuse, Lenny and David connected with one another, building a trusting friendship along the way. Likewise, Legion saw the meeting between love birds David and Syd happen at the psychiatric facility that they were both a part of. With the power to swap minds with anyone she touches, Syd becomes a close ally for David in his struggle to wrap his head around his surroundings. 

Aubrey Plaza is Joining The MCU

Marvel has long worked to keep the FX series out of its lineup of content and away from the films released over its previous phases. While Aubrey Plaza will soon appear in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, marking a new role for the actress in the MCU, and the X-Men are being brought back into the fold via Deadpool 3, Legion remains nowhere in sight. With the title mutant being the son of none other than Professor Xavier, the studio could easily bring David Haller into the fold by way of multiverse hopping or otherwise but at this point, it doesn’t seem likely.

As mentioned, Aubrey Plaza has now since moved on from her role as Lenny in Legion and stepped out into a new part of the comic book-to-film franchise. Right now, her part in Agatha: Coven of Chaos has yet to be officially unveiled, though our trusted sources at Giant Freakin Robot revealed she will be playing Death. The series will also bring back WandaVision stars Kathryn Hahn, who appears in the titular role, along with Debra Jo Rupp, Emma Caulfield Ford, David Payton, David Lengel, Asif Ali, Brian Brightman, Kate Forbes, and Amos Glick. Filling out the ensemble cast of newcomers will be Patti LuPone and Joe Locke.

Aubrey Plaza is playing Death in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, the upcoming sequel series to WandaVision.

While we’re excited to see Deadpool 3 reigniting the X-Men of yesteryear with Hugh Jackman reprising his role of Wolverine and Aubrey Plaza taking on a fresh role in the MCU, the door on Legion appears to be as closed as ever. But, with audiences making their voices heard and pushing the studio to bring back Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, anything is possible. Catch up on the madness now by streaming all three seasons of Legion on Hulu.

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