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It took her some time, but Emma Caulfield eventually became part of the Scooby Gang. She also became a fan favorite. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer she was known as Anya and, to date, that is probably the role Caulfield is best known for. As popular as she was then, you may not have seen her lately. Here’s where Emma Caulfield has been and what she’s doing now.


Emma Caulfield made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in 2021 but it wasn’t as a hero, far from it. To kick off the MCU’s Disney+ run of series on the streamer, WandaVision told the story of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda.

In the series, Emma Caulfield played Sarah Proctor who becomes Dottie Jones a resident of Westview and the de facto leader of the social environment there. Because she was a prisoner of the Hex, the Westview Anomaly, it’s a bit convoluted around how her character was actually two different people. But such was the nature of the meta ideas around the series.

Eventually, it’s revealed that Emma Caulfield’s Dottie has been trapped and she is released to rejoin her life as Sarah Proctor. It’s unclear if we will see this character again in the MCU, though this does for sure seem like a one-off considering how that series unfolded as well as the fate of the Scarlet Witch.


Susan Keats
Emma Caulfield on 90210

Emma Caulfield was a known actress well before she got her big, juicy role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She started off with a handful of guest-starring roles in popular TV series such as Burke’s Law, Saved By The Bell: The New Class, Renegade, Silk Stockings, and Weird Science but it was her role as Susan Keats in the uber-popular hit series Beverly Hills, 90210 that really put the spotlight on her.

As Keats, Emma Caulfield came on board in 90210 for Season 6. She was the editor-in-chief at The Condor, a university newspaper. It’s there that she has a run-in with Brandon Walsh, portrayed by series star Jason Priestly. The two eventually become involved in their season-long relationship.

Her character eventually left the show after one season, moving on to Washington, D.C. to help work the Clinton/Gore presidential campaign.

Emma Caulfield
Emma Caulfield as Susan Keats

Though her time on 90210 was fairly short, Emma Caulfield quickly moved on. She picked up a lengthy recurring role on the long-time soap sudser General Hospital. She played Lorraine Miller, a character who stuck around for a year or so and who then has recently reappeared (like they always do) but this time the character is played by a different actress (yes, that happens too).


Emma Caulfield as Anya

Leporiphobia is a fear of rabbits. Emma Caulfield’s Anya character on Buffy first loved rabbits when the show started. She bred them before she became the vengeance demon Anyanka (she could grant wishes of vengeance). But eventually, her fear of rabbits took over her life.

Emma Caulfield joined Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the show’s second season and slowly became a part of the Scooby Gang. Her character lost her power as a vengeance demon, forcing her to live the rest of her life as a mortal high school student.

Xander and Anya on Buffy

Emma Caulfield brought a wonderful sense of humor to her character, quirky and fun, playing her fear of rabbits to the hilt. In fact, in one Halloween episode, her response to Xander advising her to wear something scary for Halloween was dressing up as a bunny.

Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Emma Caulfield as Anya

Emma Caulfield played Anya on Buffy for a little over five seasons, cementing her legacy as one of the show’s favorite and most loveable characters. Her sacrifice was a bitter end for fans, one that Caulfield eventually had to acknowledge.


Emma Caulfield

Leave it to Emma Caulfield to come up with this. In 2017, Entertainment Weekly published a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion with all its characters. In it, Caulfield wrote up a wonderful eulogy for Anya.

“Today we honor our fallen hero, ANYA. No made-up maiden name, no married name, no middle names, just ANYA. Though she was not an advocate for a single name moniker in life, it is this writer’s belief that ANYA would welcome the single-name diva status in death. ANYA was ahead of her time, not only as a soul, but also as a style icon.

She began her life as a deceptively simple human. By all accounts, she was a loving wife, a fastidious homemaker, and a passionate animal lover. After a deep betrayal by both her man and her pet rabbits, she shifted effortlessly into a world class demon.

After a millennia as a righteous punisher, ANYA’s power was lost to her forever. She was human, again. For the last time. Except for that one time she became a demon, again, because BETRAYAL! But once more, with feeling, her powers were taken. It was then that she finally stuck the landing as a human, and scored a 10 by a panel of invisible judges. (Go with it.)

Throughout her incarnations, ANYA experimented with dozens of hair statements. Never at any time did she ask for the opinions of others (nor permission from the producers). She was a renegade with her own philosophy, everyday people like you and me, come on. She was a glitter-filled rainbow, who sprinkled forever-honest fairy dust on friends and foes alike. Though she died without much fanfare (like, ‘Oh well, Anya’s dead, later!), her courage, her legacy, her selflessness lives on. And that gives me something to sing about.”

Emma Caulfield


Emma Caulfield bandwagon

The quirkiness that was Anya truthfully comes from Emma Caulfield. She has a fun way of looking at herself and life in general. This is what 2004’s Bandwagon was all about.

Caulfield starred in the movie which gave a satirical look at a fictionalized version of herself. She described to the LA Times how the “Emma” in the movie is not truly the real Emma.

“It’s subtle, but the role I’m playing is more of a [jerk] celebrity that decides to change her image by documenting her experiences with this person,” she said. “She initially hires a crew to follow her around as she fights for better farming practices, but the course changes.”

Not many people got to see Bandwagon the movie, but that didn’t stop Caulfield from bringing her “self” back. She reprised the role of herself in the series Bandwagon: The Series, which lasted two seasons and 15 episodes. It followed the same self-indulgent movie star, at times clueless, most of the time very funny.



It’s not all acting for Emma Caulfield. She had a hand in developing a graphic novel. In 2012, Caulfield co-wrote with Camilla Outzen Rantsen the story of Contropussy, a cat with an itch that needs scratching. It is most definitely adult-oriented, but you wouldn’t come to expect anything else from Emma Caulfield.

Emma Caulfield on Royal Pains
Emma Caulfield on Royal Pains

As an actress, Emma Caulfield went on to star in many more TV series and movies, and quite frankly, it’s sort of a surprise she hasn’t made a bigger name for herself. She has appeared in TV series such as Life Unexpected, Gigantic, and Royal Pains. She played the Blind Witch on Once Upon a Time, and also appeared in the TV series Fantasy Hospital.

On the feature film side, Caulfield has been seen in Why Am I Doing This?, TiMER, Removal, and Telling of the Shoes.


Now 47 years old, Emma Caulfield goes by Emma Caulfield Ford after marrying Mark Leslie Ford in 2017. The couple have a child together, Knightley Lake Ford, born in 2016.

She is active on Instagram with a following of over 120K on the social media platform. Her feed is a mix of politics, self-help, humor, and some different shenanigans. It’s clear from her career that she doesn’t mind getting silly at times, and that’s definitely the case for the actress on Instagram.

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