Attack On Titan Trailer Gives First Look At The End Of The Anime 

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

How is Attack on Titan similar to the famous surrealist play Waiting for Godot? Simple: fans are always waiting for the show to finally finish its epic story, but they have to keep waiting for something cool to happen, just as the characters in the play keep waiting for the arrival of the titular Godot. While Godot never showed up, Eren Yeager most certainly did, and we now have a killer trailer that gives fans the best glimpse yet of how cool the end of this anime will be when it finally drops on November 4.

Speaking of surreal, watching this Attack on Titan trailer may feel a bit bizarre because while it’s only 30 seconds, there is what feels like several minutes of kickass action tucked in there. And while manga fans already know how the series will end (spoilers, sweetie), this trailer gives those who only watch the anime answers to some of the questions they had after watching the first part.

The Attack on Titan trailer is short, but it’s packed with frenetic action.

We also get glimpses of some of our favorite characters in what will likely be their last battle as they try to keep the anime protagonist-turned-villain Eren Yeager from literally wiping out almost all life on the planet.

If you’re confused as to what’s currently going on in Attack on Titan, we’ve got you covered. The long and the short of it is that former Scout Eren Yeager has broken bad in the worst possible way, gathering Titan powers to himself, such as the War Hammer Titan (which helps him move his weak spot, making Eren insanely difficult to kill) and the Founding Titan (giving him many abilities, including Titan control). 

attack on titan rumbling
Attack on Titan

Going full villain mode, Eren has now unleashed an army of Colossal Titans with the intent to destroy most of the world while sparing his own people, and Eren’s former friends are now in a race to kill him and stop this apocalypse in order to save what’s left of humanity. Normally, those Scouts would be doomed to stop this event (known as The Rumbling) on their own. But they also have Titans on their side, including Reiner, whose Armored Titan appears ready to square off against Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan in the trailer.

Attack on Titan coming to an end brings one of the greatest anime series to an explosive close.

Those who watched the first part of the Attack on Titan finale saw that Annie was reluctant to take her Female Titan into battle once more, but in the trailer, we see her mixing it up against Eren and his mindless army of killer Titans. We also get a brief glimpse of fan-favorite character Levi, but arguably, the most exciting part of this trailer is seeing Mikasa heading towards her final confrontation with Eren Yeager.

She had previously been reticent about killing the man she is closest to in this world, but as the trailer makes clear, these two are headed for a battle that only one of them will walk away from.

The final battle of Attack on Titan pits humanity against the man who was supposed to be their savior, Eren Yeager.

Ultimately, Attack on Titan is an anime genuinely unlike anything that has come before it. The series has been an epic saga from the very beginning, and the revelations from later seasons have made us rewatch from the beginning with new eyes. If you’d like to see what secrets the end of this legendary anime will reveal, then make sure you have a Crunchyroll subscription by the time the final part of the finale drops on November 4.