Is There Going To Be Another Twilight Movie?

By Chad Langen | Published

When The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was released in 2012, it marked the end of a cultural era that was dominated by Edward Cullen’s smoldering gaze, Bella Swan’s fraught indecision, and Jacob Black’s loyal persistence.

The saga, based on the book series by Stephenie Meyer, blended the young adult, romance, and supernatural genres to create a cultural phenomenon that captivated audiences around the globe. Now, nearly a decade later, the question arises – is there going to be another Twilight movie?

Before delving into future prospects, let’s revisit the finale of the Twilight Saga. The narrative wrapped up climactically in Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Bella and Edward are now parents to their half-human, half-vampire daughter Renesmee. And Jacob, whose fate is intertwined with Renesmee’s due to “imprinting,” finds resolution.

The saga concludes with a victory for the Cullen family, defending against the autocratic Volturi vampire coven.


Although the Twilight Saga concluded definitively, it hinted at potential for future expansions. Given the expansive universe populated with diverse side characters and intricate histories, ample opportunities exist for spin-offs.

While there has been no official word regarding a continuation of the film series, it was announced in April 2023 that Lionsgate was developing a television adaptation of the Twilight Saga, but more on that later.

In August 2020, years after the conclusion of the Twilight Saga films, Stephenie Meyer released a companion novel, Midnight Sun. The book retells the first Twilight novel from Edward Cullen’s perspective, offering new insights into the vampire’s thoughts and experiences.

Naturally, its release prompted speculation about a potential new film based on the book, however, no concrete plans have been confirmed regarding a Midnight Sun movie.

Despite the absence of official announcements, the potential for a new Twilight movie merits consideration. The most significant consideration is the feasibility of making more films and whether it would make sense from both a narrative and commercial standpoint.

With Midnight Sun offering a fresh narrative perspective—Edward’s viewpoint—this could enrich his character and offer an appealing angle for both seasoned and new fans.


However, there are potential challenges to this approach. The original actors, Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black), have since taken on various roles and projects that have significantly evolved their careers.

Getting the original cast back together might be a difficult proposition, not to mention the challenge of convincingly portraying them as teenagers again, given the passage of time.

From a commercial perspective, there’s no question that the Twilight series garnered a highly dedicated fanbase, and the franchise’s financial success was massive. However, it’s uncertain if the same level of success can be replicated now.

While nostalgia might draw in original fans, attracting a new audience could be challenging due to the shift in popular movie trends and the saturation of the young adult and supernatural genres.

Potential alternatives to a movie could be a TV series, a path that Lionsgate appears to be already exploring. TV series have increasingly become a favored method to extend movie franchises, and as per The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate Television has initiated early development for such a series.

Reportedly, Sinead Daly, known for her work on Raised by Wolves and The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, is attached to pen the script for the Twilight series.

When the series was announced, Daly was collaborating with Lionsgate Television to finalize the specific interpretation of Twilight, contemplating whether it would be a remake of Meyer’s books or an alternate offshoot.

Regardless of the approach, Meyer is expected to be involved in the project. Prior to presenting it to networks and streaming platforms, Lionsgate is said to be leading the series’ development.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer has previously expressed his belief in the existence of numerous untold stories within the Twilight universe. Despite the absence of official plans for a new film in the blockbuster franchise, considering its collective global gross of over $3.4 billion, it’s likely just a matter of time before a new movie announcement.

Given the past success of the Twilight Saga and the early-stage development of a television adaptation, Lionsgate is undoubtedly looking for ways to maximize the potential of this property in the future.