The Best Robert Pattinson Memes

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Some actors make it extremely easy for the meme makers to do their thing. Robert Pattinson can be considered one of those actors whose career as Edward Cullen in Twilight and the new Batman has given the internet plenty of opportunities to poke fun and they have not disappointed. But it isn’t just his films that have caught the attention of memedom – Pattinson has proven that he is an odd cat, one that the meme’ers love to play with.

We have found a number of great Robert Pattinson memes. They touch on his Twilight Saga days, Batman, and him in a tracksuit. They are all a lot of fun. So, here are 10 of the best Robert Pattinson memes. Enjoy!

10 Best Robert Pattinson Memes

Autosave vs Manual Save

Simple and right to the point, and it is something we have all dealt with at one point or another. Especially those of us who make frequent use of a computer keyboard and writing programs. Autosave versus manual save. In this one, we have autosave expressing how he feels about manual save. Manual save, aka Robert Pattinson, tells him the reality of the situation.

Twilight vs Twilight

This one is great. It is a simple Twilight comparison, that is also a warning. In this meme, we have Twilight Sparkle, a character from My Little Pony, next to “Twilight Sparkle” Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga, who is giving his brooding Edward Cullen stare. The warning is simple – Know the difference because it could save your life.

Lookin Like Mario

Those of you who have seen Robert Pattison in The Lighthouse, know that he is so much more than Edward Cullen. The movie may have been blah at best, but Pattinson proved he can act. This meme is hilarious because it shows Pattinson in his Lighthouse garb, but in color, which makes him look like one of the most popular characters in video game history, Super Mario. Good thing the film was presented in black and white.

Broody Batman Preparation

This meme takes a shot at both Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen character as well as Pattinson becoming Batman. It is simple and deadly accurate stating how Pattinson has been preparing for his role as the “broody and depressed Batman” by being known as that guy (Edward Cullen) from Twilight, the broody and depressed vampire. How broody and depressing.

And then there was Robert Pattinson in a “tracksuit.” Actually, the picture (which has turned into some great memes) has Pattinson wearing an Adidas tracksuit jacket with camo pants while standing in a kitchen. The tracksuit look actually comes from 2017 when he was preparing for his role as Connie in a film called Good Time. The following four memes involved Tracksuit Rob.

Track Suit Standing in Corner

robert pattinson memes

This fun meme shows the entire Tracksuit Rob, standing innocently in the kitchen, just waiting for memedom to get its claws on him. It’s the expression on his face (or lack thereof) that makes this meme so good. Who wouldn’t want to party and then stand in a corner with that blank stare?

Leave Room for the Holy Spirit

robert pattinson memes

This meme is simply a classic. It comes from back in the day when young Christians were being told how they should dance and the space they need to leave in between. They say as the Christian Rock music begins to play, keep at least a bible-length space between the couple dancing. In this case, the “bible length” is Tracksuit Rob. Too funny.

Hello Robert, Hello Quentin

robert pattinson memes

This is great. Robert Pattinson meets prolific director Quentin Tarantino. The top part of the meme has Quentin saying hello to Robert and Robert returning the greeting. Beneath it, though, is where the funny begins. One side has Quentin staring blankly while standing in a kitchen while the other side features Tracksuit Rob.

This Man Ate All My Yogurt

robert pattinson memes

This is the last Tracksuit Rob meme we will feature. Here, we get the same Tracksuit Rob standing in the kitchen working his blank stare. The meme maker, playing on Robert Pattinson’s gaze, says this man has eaten every bit of his yogurt and will not stop asking him for the TV remote. Again, it is Pattinson’s facial expression that does it.

Worst Vampire Ever

robert pattinson memes

Another fantastic meme, so simple, yet so true. This one plays on the fact that Robert Pattinson was a vampire before becoming Batman. As we all know, the legend of the vampire includes them turning into bats. The meme cleverly points out that it took Pattinson’s “vampire” 11 years to turn into a “bat,” making him the “worst vampire ever.”

Robert is Looking Fabulous!

robert pattinson memes

First off, this picture of Robert Pattison is somewhat creepy. He is standing at a BBQ grill, apparently cooking, with a disturbing smile on his face, wearing the most garish holiday sweater. Now that we’ve set the tone, the meme maker does the rest. So, if you are like the meme’er, you may also want to take a peek at the picture of Pattinson. It may change your entire outlook.