See Amber Heard Building Muscles For Aquaman 2

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Amber Heard

When Amber Heard first started on her acting career, I don’t think anyone pictured her as an action or comic book movie star. But these days, with the way the industry and Hollywood, in general, is going, really anything is possible for how talent moves in and out of certain productions. That’s the way things roll now and how we get all manners of actors and actresses in different parts. Amber Heard is fully entrenched in the DC Extended Universe and a recent Instagram video shows just how committed she is to the part of Queen Mera. 

As part of the comic book movie landscape, it’s important that folks look the part of the person they are playing. And one of those factors is just the overall build. It’s critical to actually cut a form on screen that can appear able to, you know, defeat the bad guys. We’ve seen all manners of training videos and shots from actors taking this prep work very seriously. Things look no different for Amber Heard who’s obviously on a strict plan to look the part as Queen Mera

And taking this part seriously has meant Amber Heard could be gearing up for an even bigger part in the next movie and even possibly a solo film down the line as well. Though there were rumors floating around for the last couple months that her position in the DC Extended Universe could be in jeopardy, that doesn’t look to be the case at all. In fact, it’s likely the exact opposite. Rumor has it she’ll take a much bigger role in this next movie, tentatively titled Aquaman: Necrus

And as far as solo movies down the line for Amber Heard, the way the DC Extended Universe is expanding, I think that’s more than likely in the future. They are greatly expanding their offerings with new productions like Black Adam and The Suicide Squad set to breathe some new life into the franchise and the overall tone of the movies in this world. Long been a much darker, and less fun, version of Marvel, DC is looking to move away from some of their first runs at films and head toward a lighter path. That’s a good pivot. 

amber heard

Amber Heard clearly enjoys playing this Queen Mera part as well. Despite an odd accent shift that basically came out of nowhere in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, everything else has seemed to work on screen and off for the actress. She’s been posting much more about Aquaman 2 of late including something last month that harkened back to the original movie and stunts the cast would play on each other. In this one, she mentioned how star Jason Momoa would rip the endings out of others’ books so they couldn’t finish reading them. 

Any doubt about Amber Heard continuing her role as Queen Mera has been basically laid to rest lately both with her recent appearance in the revamped Justice League as well as the new rumors and posts circulating. The issue had been the fallout from the highly-publicized court proceedings over the summer involving her and ex-husband Johnny Depp. The latter had sued the British tabloid The Sun and in the case, a number of sorted details had come out about the two’s relationship. Depp lost his gigs and many thought Heard should suffer the same fate. But that’s not going to be the case and she’s prepping for the next steps for the character of Queen Mera.