See Amber Heard Reading Hard Sci-Fi In Preparation For Aquaman 2

Amber Heard looks like she can get into a science-fiction novel. Check out photos of what she likes to read on set to prep for Aquaman 2

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

amber heard

Amber Heard didn’t seem like the likeliest talent to enter the superhero genre but she’s there now and has had an excellent turn in a couple of movies within the DC Extended Universe. That line of comic book films tends to trend a little darker and grittier than its Marvel counterpart for a lot of reasons. One of them might be because of their choice in who plays the different parts. It looks like Amber Heard has some darker literary influences with some recent photos dropping of her reading hard science-fiction on set. This stuff isn’t your standard beach read folks, this is really getting into the sci-fi weeds. 

The Amber Heard picture in question came via her Instagram account. In it, she’s pictured on the original Aquaman set in between production trailers and in between shoots. She’s reading a book science-fiction fans will know of that is part of a much larger universe and series. Check out the picture she posted and get a glimpse of what book she’s enjoying. 

In the picture, Amber Heard is reading Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks. The late author was known for his many works, but specifically what he did in the science fiction space for a number of decades. Surface Detail is the 12th book in his The Culture series. It is an incredibly involved series of books spanning hundreds of years and (seemingly) as many characters. The series follows a group of humanoid aliens who have formed an advanced, almost utopian society with technology as a heavy theme. But while the world-building novels do focus on the details of this new creature and society, they also tend to explore deeper themes as well. These aren’t light, beach reads by any stretch of the imagination.

This post from Amber Heard wasn’t necessarily meant to humblebrag her reading tendencies or choice of books to enjoy in her spare time, though it might have had that desired effect. Instead, she posted as something of a joke regarding her plans to soon start Aquaman 2 and what to expect from co-star Jason Momoa. According to Heard, Momoa has a particular prank he likes to pull on set. Namely, the dude has taken to rip the last pages out of someone’s book before they get to the end. According to Heard, this is exactly what happened with Surface Detail. 

Whether Amber Heard is actually worried about Jason Momoa screwing up her reading enjoyment or just wanted to throw out there to sci-fi nerds that she “gets it” isn’t clear. I suspect it’s the latter. But it is a pretty funny prank to make everyone on edge about protecting their current books with a watchful eye. 

There had been much speculation to the contrary, it looks like Amber Heard is firmly set to reprise her Queen Mera role in Aquaman 2. While this was likely never really in doubt, there had been some speculation that they could recast the role following Heard’s much-publicized divorce from Johnny Depp and the details that came out about their marriage in court proceedings. But her expanded role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League pointed to an actress set in the role and that’s going to be the case with the sequel. And now we know she likes to prep by getting into science-fiction books before the endings are ruined obviously.