Amber Heard To Join One Of The Biggest Action Franchises?

Amber Heard might be headed to another franchise, looking to expand from the superhero world to a massive set of action movies

By Doug Norrie | Published

amber heard

These days it never seems enough for actors or actresses to be part of just one franchise. It’s always better to keep the options open and join as many different big name productions as possible. In this way, you always know that if one thing dries up, there will be another massive set of movies and shows there as something like a career parachute. And Amber Heard might be in the game of franchise-hopping sooner than later. Insider Daniel Richtman has it that Vin Diesel has been interested in getting Heard involved with the Fast & Furious group, meaning she could be conquering both the open sea and the open road. 

Of course, this is all merely speculation at this point, but there is a certain level of star out there who can begin thinking about joining multiple billion-dollar franchises if need be. It’s almost like once you are a part of one, it’s proof that you can be part of others. We see it all of the time among this upper echelon of stars. So while it’s nothing formal regarding Amber Heard joining the Fast & Furious movies down the line, it also makes perfect sense from an industry perspective. 

amber heard

Currently, Amber Heard appears busy enough with her current work within the DC Extended Universe as Queen Mera. She’s gearing up for Aquaman: Necrus which will have her back on screen with Jason Momoa in a new story. Rumors have it that her role is set to expand this time around and will build more off of the events of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Heard had a bigger role in that film than in the original, Joss Whedon version. Sure, she changed accents for this movie as compared to her previous appearances in the franchise, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Though this is clearly just a rumor, we know that Amber Heard won’t be joining the next movie in the Fast & Furious franchise when F9 comes out this summer. Set for a June 25th domestic release date, the 9th film in the series looks like it dials things up to even more frenetic energy levels than we’ve seen in the past. It was delayed because of the pandemic but should hit the box office in a big way this summer. There’s already the tenth movie in the pipeline and confirmed which is where Diesel’s recruitment of Heard comes in. They are probably trying to pile on the A-listers in preparation for that flick. 

amber heard

Amber Heard isn’t just confined to the DC Extended Universe right now either. Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive that she’s signing on to star in Fallen Angel, an action flick that will have her surviving a helicopter crash only to find out she’s wrapped up in a larger conspiracy. 

That being said, there are possible issue for Amber Heard on the legal front right now. Coming off a summer that saw the details of her marriage with ex Johnny Depp come out in court proceedings, it looked like her career might be in a bit of jeopardy. That part doesn’t seem to be the case, but there have been rumors of possible other investigations for the actress. There was reason to suspect the LAPD was investigating the actress for possible perjury. That’s yet to flesh itself out completely. 

Regardless, Amber Heard still remains very much in demand in the industry and it’s not surprising at all that Vin Diesel would want her as part of the Fast & Furious franchise as it moves on.