Alien 3 Unmade Version Adapted For The Stage, See The Photos

By Chad Langen | Published

alien 3

A few years ago, the stage of Websters Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland lit up with a riveting production of Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script, a venture born from the collaboration between local theatre company, Shows on a Shoestring, and national horror events experts, Scare Scotland.

This unique project sought to blend the realms of theatre and sci-fi. While the production remained a hidden gem, with many outside of Glasgow unaware of its occurrence, a series of images on X has unveiled the intriguing visuals of the play to a wider audience.

Alien 3 faced numerous script alterations and directorial changes prior to its release, leaving several of its original scripts untouched. The theatrical rendition, steered by Stevie Douglas, revived one such forsaken script, plunging the audience into the haunting, sci-fi ambiance emblematic of the Alien series.

Through transitioning this distinctive narrative from script to stage, the collaborators delivered an avant-garde theatrical venture, spotlighting the unexplored narrative prospects of the notoriously challenging film.

The play, Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script, enthralled its audience with a spine-chilling, original music score and electrifying, action-packed fight choreography. Moreover, fans reveled in the recognizable props and costumes featured in the production that mirrored the nostalgic aesthetics of the franchise.

Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script was a collaboration between Shows on a Shoestring, and national horror events experts, Scare Scotland

The interactivity extended beyond the stage as attendees were granted the opportunity to explore and photograph some of the franchiseโ€™s iconic costumes and props post-performance, creative a comprehensive, immersive experience.

Due to its violent content and strong language, the play was deemed suitable only for individuals aged 14 and above. Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script portrays a harrowing narrative set on a desolate planet overrun by religious extremism and a neglected climate crisis, under the lead of a fierce female action hero.

Although the script was written three decades ago, its themes strongly echo today’s global socio-political climate, rendering it a relevant and timely presentation.

On the other hand, the film Alien 3 unveils a scenario where Ellen Ripley crash-lands on Fiorina “Fury” 161, a dreary penal colony planet, following her escape from LV-426.

Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3

To her dismay, she discovers an alien creature has accompanied her aboard her escape pod, posing a dire threat to the colony’s inmates. In her ensuing battle against the menacing alien menace, Ripley stumbles upon horrifying realities concerning her link with the aliens, leading to a desperate struggle for survival against overwhelming odds.

Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script enjoyed a much warmer reception from its viewers compared to the film Alien 3, which received mixed reviews, suggesting that perhaps this script could have served the movie better. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a critical score of 47 percent, derived from 64 reviews. Similarly, the audience score mirrors the critics’ sentiment, also standing at 47 percent.

Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script appears to be a remarkable production warranting the attention of a broader audience. While many cast and crew members have voiced their aspiration to revive the play, there are no official plans to re-stage it at the moment. Currently, the only glimpses into this intriguing performance are through the images that have been shared.