Alexandra Daddario Reacts To Her Percy Jackson Replacement

By Mark McKee | Published

Alexandra Daddario Percy Jackson

Young Adult books are some of the most prized sources for massive franchises to be adapted to films and make truckloads of money for the studios; including The Hunger GamesTwilightHarry Potter, and The Maze Runner. One franchise that didn’t do so well but getting a new life over on Disney+ is the Percy Jackson franchise of books by author Rick Riordan. Now that the books are getting a new series on the streaming service separate from the maligned films, Alexandria Daddario speaks with Comic Book in support of her Percy Jackson replacement. 

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was released in 2010 by the director of the first two Harry Potter films, Chris Columbus. The first film brought to life the modern-day demi-gods who discover they are the children of Greek Gods that people long since forgot were real, starring Logan Lerman as the titular character, Brandon T. Jackson as his best friend, and Alexandra Daddario as Percy Jackson’s eventual love interest, Annabeth Chase. While the films had two installments that didn’t go over well with fans, Disney+ is ready to revamp the franchise with an all-new cast and an all-new storyline. 

The new version of the series will see Percy Jackson portrayed by the up-and-coming sensation of Walker Scobell, who gained a newfound fame by bringing to life a young version (and ridiculously believable version) of Ryan Reynolds in the Netflix film, The Adam Project. Brandon T. Jackson’s Grover Underwood is to be replaced with The Disney Channel star Aryan Simhadri, who appeared in Cheaper by the Dozen. And Alexandra Daddario’s Percy Jackson character, Annabeth Chase, will be played by Leah Jeffries, who appeared in six episodes of Empire and this year’s animal attack film, Beast, alongside Idris Elba

Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus.

There is no question that Percey Jackson did a lot for Alexandra Daddario’s career, as her turn as the demi-god pushed her to renown, along with the pair of piercing blue eyes she has become known for. In her interview with Comic Book, she praises Leah Jeffries for getting the opportunity to play a part that the actress herself feels is so beloved. Alexandra Daddario also talks about how Percey Jackson is more than just a book about demi-gods; it’s also a more profound message to the children reading it. 

In the books, the children of the Greek Gods are born able to read ancient Greek, but it manifests itself as ADHD and dyslexia, making the children feel like outcasts. The books do focus a fair amount on disabilities, as Grover hides his hybrid body with crutches, and she believes that is important. She talks about her step-children and how she now realizes how vital series like these are because they not only get kids into reading but also help them understand many things they could deal with. 

Alexandra Daddario may not be involved in the new Percy Jackson since Rick Riordan has said it is essential to give the new actors a clean slate to work with, but she seems to be emotionally still connected to it. And while the new actors differ from the books in some ways, they have the endorsement of all involved. The series is set to arrive on Disney+ in 2023.