Will Smith Is Divorcing Jada Pinkett?

Will Smith might divorce Jada Pinkett in the coming months, or it could be the other way around, as rumors online are indicating that the pair are done.

By James Brizuela | Published

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There have been speculation and rumors surrounding the Smith family for quite some time now, as per the fallout from the infamous Will Smith slap. Now reporting agencies have come out, along with Twitter fans, claiming that Will Smith is set to divorce Jada Pinkett-Smith. Honestly, it makes a ton of sense for this to happen considering Will is rumored to be upset after Jada has not backed him up following his valiant efforts to honor her by slapping Chris Rock. Yeah, we know how ridiculous that sounds.

Based on Will Smith seemingly losing his career over this slap, Jada might be distancing herself from her own husband to not incur the wrath of losing her own career. This would certainly be devious in nature, but it would make sense. Will has been losing projects left and right on top of being banned from the Academy Awards for a whopping 10 years. Many called for his Best Actor award to be revoked, but that has not happened nor likely will. However, most of his upcoming sequels and films have been placed on the back burner because of his actions. Fans on Twitter have certainly claimed that the Will Smith divorce is a long time coming.

The above tweet could certainly be true, the Will Smith divorce might save the man some of his dignity at this point, albeit with losing out on money from the legal fees and whatnot. This whole situation has certainly been a circus, so doing away with it might just help his mental state more.

Their relationship has surely been strained for many years. She did bring on the man to her Red Table Talk show and admit that she had an affair, so Will Smith wanting to divorce her makes total sense right now. If not for that torrid affair, then the lack of support he may or may not have been given because of his slap might have been the tipping point for the pair.

Well, puns should still work for a Will Smith divorce. Can’t be mad at some wordplay when it comes to a terrible situation. This Twitter user has claimed that Jada is the one that struck first though, which would make this situation even worse for Will.

Whatever happens, it stands to reason that Will Smith wanting to divorce Jada, or the other way around has certainly been a long time coming. The pair’s relationship has been sadly put in the headlines a bit too much in the last couple of years. The slap was certainly the catalyst that has now led to the inevitable end of their marriage. This is all speculation and rumors at this point, but once the ball gets rolling on their divorce, it is likely to become a top story.