See Aubrey Plaza In A Red Bodysuit And Mini Skirt

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Aubrey Plaza has been on a tear lately, in terms of her roles in movies and television, and appearing in magazine shoots and red carpet outfits that showcase her stunning side. Plaza took to Instagram to showcase her cover story and photos from a shoot done by the popular magazine, GQ. While Plaza is covered up, she still looks amazing in her red bodysuit and mini skirt, which you can see below:

While the world fell in love with Aubrey Plaza for her dark and sarcastic characters, she has branched out far more recently. She currently leads the Emily the Criminal movie, which has been giving her plenty of attention in terms of award rumblings and social media attention. The above image has already racked up over 235,000 likes, and 1,400 comments from everyone claiming how amazing she looks.

As previously mentioned, Aubrey Plaza is currently gaining traction in the awards mentions, as she starred in Emily the Criminal. The drama currently holds a 94% “certified fresh” critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 79% audience approval rating as well. Plaza has already received a Best Lead Performance nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards, which could bode well for the Golden Globes and Academy Award nominations in the future.

Apart from Emily the Criminal, Aubrey Plaza is also continuing her comedic acting roles as well, as she currently lends her voice to Little Demon as Laura. The animated sitcom is on FX and sees Laura and her daughter, Chrissy attempt to live a normal life in Delaware, although Chrissy is the antichrist, as Laura was impregnated by Satan. The series stars Plaza as Laura, Danny DeVito as Satan, and Lucy DeVito as Chrissy.

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Aubrey Plaza is also one of the big stars in the current season of The White Lotus. HBO has stated that the series is going to be an anthology series, covering the lives of different travelers, so Plaza is likely to not return for the third season, though she has been fantastic in the show so far. The only returning cast member has been Jennifer Coolidge.

Aubrey Plaza is also finally joining the MCU, as she has been cast in the new Agatha: Coven of Chaos, though there is no mention of what Plaza’s role will be yet. She could appear in the series as any number of villains from the comics. We are excited that she is finally joining Marvel, and we also wonder what took so long.

Aubrey Plaza will also hold a starring role in the huge ensemble cast for Megalopolis, which is the new film from Francis Ford Coppola and stars Plaza, Forest Whittaker, Dustin Hoffman, Adam Driver, Lawrence Fishburne, and so many more. Plaza has clearly been putting together quite a career for herself, and though she is known for her dry wit in many of her characters, she has proven she can hold her own in heavy dramas. We would expect to see more of the popular actress in plenty of other photoshoots along the way.