Sarah Michelle Gellar Looks Unbelievably Young In Stunning New Photo

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks gorgeous on the cover of L'Officiel.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Sarah Michelle Gellar may have slayed vampires as Buffy, but now she’s looking just as ageless as the foes she once fought. The Wolf Pack actor took to Instagram to share her recent photoshoot for L’Officiel, and needless to say, she looks absolutely stunning. Sporting black boots, slicked-back hair, and a risque dress, it looks like Buffy is just as capable of slaying the fashion world:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans were elated when it was announced that Sarah Michelle Gellar was announced as the lead of a new fantasy show for Paramount+. The series, titled Wolf Pack, released its first season this year, and Gellar starred as an expert arson investigator who investigates a forest fire that awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. There are decidedly fewer vampires than in Gellar’s most famous series, but there are plenty of werewolves to make up for it.

Unsurprisingly, the reviews say that Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the best parts of Wolf Pack, which otherwise had a fairly weak first season from a critical perspective. Still, the show drew in a decent amount of viewers, and after the cliffhanger that ended Season 1, there is demand for a second season. While there hasn’t been a second season officially announced yet, high enough viewership will undoubtedly get Paramount+ to give it the green light.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is pulling double duty on Wolf Pack, as she not only has a starring role but she also serves as an executive producer. In addition to Gellar, the show also stars Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, Tyler Lawrence, and Rodrigo Santoro. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Gellar as the lead of a TV series, so hopefully, they decide to bring the series back for another round.

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Wolf Pack

There should be a decent amount of source material available for another season of Wolf Pack, as creator Jeff Davis adapted the show from the novel series by Edo van Belkom. There are three more books to draw inspiration from, and the aforementioned cliffhanger makes it seem like there were always plans in place for another season. With Sarah Michelle Gellar on board, maybe the show can recover from its critically panned first season and improve in its sophomore effort.

Sarah Michelle Gellar fans are also still waiting to see if her Hot Pink series from Annapurna Pictures finds a home on a streaming or cable network. Deadline reported in 2021 that the pilot of the new series was passed over by Amazon Studios and that there was a possibility it would be shopped out to some other platforms. The coming-of-age series is loosely based on Elana K. Arnold’s National Book Award finalist What Girls Are Made Of and also stars Nina Bloomgarden, David Iacono, Mimi Davila, Dana Donnelly, and Myra Molloy.

The fact that there hasn’t been forward momentum on that series isn’t the best news, but at least fans still have Wolf Pack. You can stream the entire first season on Paramount+ now. We’ll keep you updated on other Sarah Michelle Gellar projects in the meantime.