Robert De Niro Robbed By Real-Life Grinch

A real-life Grinch stole Christmas presents from Robert De Niro's New York City home.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Robert De Niro

Thanks to the magic of the original Dr. Seuss story and its animated adaptation, children everywhere spend the holiday season fearing they might just get robbed by the Grinch. Of course, the Grinch is a fictional character who eventually learns the error of his ways and becomes a better person (which may or may not happen in that upcoming horror adaptation). Recently, though, famous actor Robert De Niro was robbed, according to ABC News, by a real-life Grinch that probably won’t be changing their ways anytime soon!

It all started in Manhattan’s upper east side. This is where busy actor Robert De Niro lives in a townhouse with his family. And like all those Whos in Whoville, he had been busy earlier that night getting ready for Christmas.

In fact, Robert De Niro had neatly bagged up some presents and placed them underneath the family’s Christmas tree when a woman broke into his townhome. The woman in question is 30-year-old Shanice Aviles, and she broke into De Niro’s home around 2:35 a.m. After that, she was quickly arrested for burglary, and this is when the veteran actor discovered that she is no stranger to the police and even crazier than his costars.

In fact, you could say that Robert De Niro is merely the latest victim of Aviles. Previously, she has been arrested on charges of burglary, petit larceny, and more. And because she is on the average policeman’s radar in a big way, it is one of the reasons that she got caught so quickly.

Before she broke into the home of Robert De Niro, police had already spotted Aviles in an area where she had been previously arrested multiple times. Due to her history, and her potential for high-profile targets, the police began trailing her. This was when they inadvertently discovered that De Niro was not a specific target for Aviles.

As the police were following Aviles, they saw her try to enter a few doors, but she was rebuffed because those homes were locked. She then slipped around a corner, causing the police to follow her. This was when they noticed a door to a townhome was left open and soon discovered the townhome was owned by Robert De Niro.

At first, police thought she might quickly exit the home. When that didn’t happen, they went inside to see what she was doing. That was when they discovered that she was smuggling all of those presents Robert De Niro had been putting under the tree into her own bag.

robert de niro
Robert De Niro in The Family

Because of the late hour, Robert De Niro was asleep at first. However, the noise of the police confronting and arresting Aviles was enough to wake the actor up. He quickly discovered what had happened, but he said nothing to Aviles and she said nothing to him.

In retrospect, the weirdest part of this thief attacking the home of legendary actor Robert De Niro is that she had no idea he lived there. Major Hollywood stars rightfully live in fear of stalkers discovering where they live. This is why many of those stars invest in high-security systems, which we’d recommend to De Niro…although first, it sounds like he needs to master the simple art of locking the door!